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Top Tips to Gear Up for District Race Malaysia by AIA Vitality

District Race Malaysia by AIA Vitality offers a fun, unique and engaging way to encourage Malaysians to get creative with their fitness routine to live healthier and better lives through the District App.

The digital world has shown unprecedented growth over the last 12 months, and the fitness industry is no exception. With mass participation events halted, and gyms closed during Movement Control Order (MCO), people have turned to virtual fitness experiences to stay healthy, both in mind and body.  This has driven rapid innovation in this space with both technology companies and brands like District Race delivering new and unique experiences.

It’s incredibly easy to take part, 100% free, and you stand the chance to win amazing prizes along the way.  The District App is designed for the convenience of Malaysians and it’s as simple as hitting the ‘Start’ button on the app to begin an activity, finding the checkpoint nearest to you and making your way to that location.

Here are some important pointers for you to take note as you embark on this new fitness journey:

1) Plan your route

Every activity on the District App offers points, so simply moving, be it through walking or running gets you closer to more points. For every kilometre covered, you will receive 200 points to the District Race.

If you do not want to run with your phone, just link your GPS-supported wearable device, such as a Garmin, and all activities will sync directly to the District App and points will be credited towards the overall leaderboard.

This ‘workout at your own pace’ regime is ideal given how the fitness industry has evolved as a whole during a challenging past year, where frequenting a gym or fitness centre has been challenging.

2) Set a personal goal

It can sometimes be tough to find the right motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle, even if it means a fit body and mind. District Race Malaysia by AIA Vitality is ideal for beginners to begin their fitness journey as there is no set route and no set distance; simply download the app to start walking/jogging/running to a more fit you.

If that’s not enough, how about a Grand Prize of a brand new Proton X50 where a completion of an activity worth at least 2000 points will give you an entry into the lucky draw (up to a maximum of 121 entries per person). The second prize offers an adidas voucher worth RM1,000, while the third prize is a RM500 adidas voucher.

3) Select various workout spots

Workouts can get mundane if you go to the same location each time. Get rid of that rigidity by choosing different areas to exercise. It can be at a neighbourhood park, or a scenic route that you have always wanted to visit! Working out in different spots also gives you a fresh perspective both physically and mentally, as you experience different journeys on your route. There are checkpoints available everywhere in Malaysia so you can participate in District Race no matter where you are!

4)  Always remember to hydrate

Drinking enough water is essential for any workout activity, so always carry a bottle of water when you head out. When you do intend to collect checkpoints, it also greatly helps to plan convenient routes where you can run in to get a drink at a convenience store. The body only performs to its best when it’s fuelled up, so always remember to fill up your tank!

5) Enjoy your workout

You will only perform at your optimum level if you are enjoying your workout, so when you press Start on your District App, remember that a positive mindset is key to having a productive session. Focus on getting ‘into your zone’ each time you get into your stride, and you will be amazed how much you achieved regardless of the duration of your workout.

6) Have a partner

No man is an island rings true in a workout environment too. Getting a companion group to join you on your workouts can bring out the best in everyone, as it helps to push and challenge each other. Sharing your progress can also lead to a healthy competition, which only works out best for all parties. Fret not if you can’t find a physical partner to exercise with, the District App also offers team-mates virtually to keep you engaged. Form a new team or join an existing team to motivate each other. Who knows, your team could be the team with the Highest Average Team Score and walk away with RM10,000 cash!

7) Running during Ramadan

Working out during the fasting month may seem daunting, but not if you plan your workout sessions in advance. Either start your walk or run with District app early before sahur in the morning, or go for a late-night stroll after breaking fast in the evening.

There are enough hours in a day to find the time for a short workout if you plan right. Having said that, understand your body not too push yourself too hard if you are not at your physical best. What is important is that you allocate some time towards reaching your fitness goal, however short or long the duration.

While you stay active and healthy during Ramadan, don’t forget to join District Race’s Get Fit For Charity contest. For every 100 points you score from 12 April to 16 May, AIA Malaysia will pledge RM1 to the National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) to support the great work they do in providing education, care, and support services for those affected by cancer. The goal is to hit a total of 5 million points, so that NCSM will receive RM50,000 in donation. Time to get moving and make a difference!

This race is not designed to be a race per se where you compete with millions to see who comes out on top, rather it is motivation for you to challenge yourself, up your game and get fit for your own good!

District Race Malaysia is currently running until 30th June 2021 with monthly prizes to be won. It is presented by AIA Vitality, AIA’s unique health programme that motivates Malaysians to make healthier choices in their everyday lives.

Download the District App here. You may find out more about the ongoing contests and get to know the latest updates on District Race MY Facebook page.