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Top 8 reasons why men procrastinate when it comes to working out

Yes, no point denying the fact that all men procrastinate. While some dads procrastinate on building that treehouse, fixing the ceiling or changing bulbs, most men procrastinate when it comes to working out. This especially applies to men who actually used to love sweating it out during their younger days. When you’re past the teenage years – a time when you could never eat enough to match your perspiration, your work starts to take a toll on your workout time. When you get to late 20s or early 30s, there are more important things in life to invest your time into.

Here we give you eight reasons WHY MEN PROCRASTINATE when it comes to working out. Remember, we’re talking about men here, not boys.

#1 – Because the measure of a man is Financial Success.

Unlike the definition of a woman’s success, she chooses what she deems successful, ie. career, family, skills, etc. For a man, it is all simply loosely based on financial success.

Unfortunately, a man’s worth is defined by his monetary income which translates to his dedication at work, which directly translates to his decision to spend more time working – that includes thinking about work. The fear of not being “successful” has cocooned a man from the other pleasures in life, at the same time, the fantasy of being filthy rich is everything and has clouded a man’s judgement on what it meant by living life.


#2 – Because one more hour of sleep is EVERYTHING.

A man can barely rest when he is bogged down by work, constantly pondering over the decisions to make, ie. what to do next, what to do tomorrow, should I do that, etc. One more hour of complete brain rest is pure heaven to them.

When weekend comes, he prefers to stay home and sleep a little more, because a good night’s sleep can cure stress.

#3 – Because he IS not what he WAS.

After a decade of not sweating it out at the basketball or futsal court, he could no longer run as fast, aim as accurate, and play like he used to. A sense of unfounded sadness clouds his desire to get back into the game. He always says, “I used to do at least 15 laps, at least…,” or “I used to do a hundred push-ups at one go and never thought twice about it,” — So many “I used to“s.

Leonardo Dicaprio lets himself go
Leonardo Dicaprio lets himself go

Just like how he always wants to be better than what he was last year, whether financially or level of maturity, he hates to know that he is no longer physically better than he used to be. Thus, shunning himself from this side of him.

#4 – Because he doesn’t have a group of friends to play with.

Unless necessary, he won’t visit a gym, because gymming is comparably, a lot more boring than what the boys used to play a decade ago. Getting back to the sport is easier, but finding a group of friends to play with is difficult, giving the fact that his friends are now men with greater responsibilities in life.

#5 – Because family comes first.

This applies to both married and unmarried men. If you’re married with kids, you would want to spend every hour of your waking moment with your children, whereas those with a lover in his bed might have her demand his every hour. Oops.

#6 – Because he can’t find a reason to.

What’s the point of working it out? Will I have find greater happiness? Will I get slimmer? Will I be as good?


Men are always looking for quick solutions and bull’s-eye answers. For working out to be pure pleasure, he has got to reach a certain level of fitness first. It’s a cycle we’re talking about here. So in short, anything that does not give him the great satisfaction he so needs to distract him from the cruel realities of life, he can’t be bothered to spend much of his time and effort into it.

#7 – Because there are things he wants to do more than anything.

Check out that property launch, pay his mother a visit after work, indulge in that bottle of Cockburn’s Special Reserve Port Wine, find out about the new Ferrari F80, go online shopping, yada yada.

Workout? Neh.

#8 – Because sex is also a form of workout.

Leonardo Dicaprio on Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

Oh yeah, we totally said that.

Heck, it’s a lot more pleasurable! And thus, an excuse he always uses.


Sorry Leonardo, but you were truly once the hottest man alive. *shrugs*

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