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Top 5 Reasons Why We Love The Adidas SL20

We have all been stuck indoors for too long, so it’s time to go shoe shopping for some motivation to run. New shoes brings a renewed zest to run, so we took out the eye-catching Adidas SL20 out in rain and shine.

Here’s our Top 5 Reasons Why We Love The Adidas SL20

1. Perfect for rainy Malaysian weather

Isn’t it typically Malaysian that it rains when you are planning a run? So if you still want to get a run in, the SL20 is perfect as the Continental (yes, they make superb tyres) sole grips the tarmac well. Don’t worry, as it will prevent you from slipping or falling when you’re dressed with such classy shoes, now that would be an embarrassment! Furthermore, the black-orange colour way will hide the splashes from the wet, dirty ground if you’re too lazy to wash shoes like yours truly. (Admit it!)

2. Light and responsive

Sometimes it’s so light, you would have forgotten that you’ve donned shoes! The Lightstrike foam originally made an appearance on basketball shoes so you can expect it to be responsive no matter which way you turn on your runs.

The sole is slightly thicker on the forefoot to cushion your foot strike accurately, and propels you further and faster as you run. You won’t have to imagine it, you’ll ACTUALLY be running faster in these shoes! (Yes, PB!)

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Perfect for rainy Malaysian weather, keeps you gripping to the tarmac

3. Faster Than..

During the MCO when we were stuck in our neighbourhoods, I made a quick dash to my neighbour’s house to collect lunch under the midday sun. It was my first run during MCO, and yes, I donned the SL20 so that I could make quick run, simply because.. it’s FASTER THAN (calling food delivery).

4. It’s the small details

If you appreciate shoes like we do, you’ll love that ‘SL20’ has been inscribed onto the aglet of the shoelaces. Yes, it made us smile. 🙂  The laces are soft and this makes it easier to tie the shoe up according to the tension you want without it slipping loose as you lace up. There are also extra holes at the top, which I love as I personally prefer to lace up with a snug fit around my ankles.

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Small details like this makes us smile 🙂

5. Comfortable, very comfortable

Even if you’ve been stuck in isolation and didn’t get much mileage in during MCO, this shoe will fit right in and make you comfortable on your run. Yes, it’s a very fast shoe, but it will not compromise on comfort. It makes you feel at ease, and doesn’t make you feel like you have to ‘earn’ this fast shoe.

Overall, this shoe will fit anyone from i-wanna-be-faster runners to already very fast runners who want to be faster. Don’t only take my word for it, as I’ve been going everywhere with these shoes and earning daily PBs!