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Top 5 Quad Exercises to Build Mass

When it comes to building quality bodybuilding form, each muscle group needs to be consistently targeted through alternating workouts. In the case of quadriceps, they should be worked out opposite hamstrings in order to maximize results since these two muscle groups work in tandem.


The legs contain the largest muscle groupings in the body and are the main source of your driving power. A large portion of strength training exercises rely on the legs for both power and support, even when developing the upper body or performing cardio workouts. Therefore, when bodybuilding, leg exercises should capture a large amount of attention so that the body is evenly balanced in form and you have greater force to lift more weight and develop more lean muscle mass which increases fat-burning metabolism.

This article will focus on quad development and the top 5 quad exercises that will produce optimal strength, form and tone.


The following 5 exercises are the best for producing maximum results in quad development and they should all be used in various segments of your strength training program.

Quad Exercise #1 – Barbell Squats –6169984587_ac0130fc35_o

This is the main go-to exercise for building killer quads because it involves every muscle group in the lower body. Barbell squats are physically grueling due to the excessive weight that can be pressed, but they also stimulate new growth for larger and stronger muscle formation.

You need to maintain complete stabilization when performing the barbell squat, so avoid lifting in sneakers with cushioned soles or on padded flooring. As you perform the squat, keep your back straight and lower yourself to a point where your thigh is either parallel with the floor or a bit lower and then press the weight back to a standing position.

Quad Exercise #2 -Leg Press –
4892271873_6711f30536_bUsing a leg press machine allows you to press a much larger amount of weight and from a position that is supports the rest of your body. This is a favorite addition to a weightlifter’s exercise program due to its comfortable yet effective working, developing and toning of the quads as well as all of the muscle groups contained in the legs.

Quad Exercise #3 – Lunges –

Lunges are very effective at developing the quadriceps. You can perform lunges using your body weight only, dumbbells held in each hand or with a barbell across your shoulders (either with or without weights). Lunge forward with one leg and drop down with bended knees until your back knee almost touches the floor. Move to a standing position and lunge forward with the other leg.

Quad Exercise #4 – Step-Ups –

Step-ups work the quads in a similar way as lunges only adding an extra dimension of quad development by pressing the weight upwards. Both exercises help to strengthen stabilizer muscles used to balance you through the exercise. Again, as with lunges, you can use body weight, dumbbells, or a barbell for this quad exercise depending on your level of quad development.

Position a sturdy bench or box in front of you and step up and onto it either with or without weights. The set leg is used to propel you upward while the knee of the stepping leg should be raised as high as possible. Plant your front foot on the platform and bring your back leg up, coming to a standing position on the platform. Step backwards off the box with the last foot raised while keeping tension on the front leg. Once back on the floor in a standing position, repeat with the opposite leg leading first.

Quad Exercise #5 – Sprints –

Sprints are an excellent way to build quad muscles and, as an added bonus, you benefit from the aerobic and anaerobic qualities as well. Therefore, running sprints will not only supply stronger quads, but they will increase your overall cardiovascular performance and endurance, making you a stronger performer all around.

When you run sprints on a flat surface, kick your legs up high in order to give your quads the greatest workout. Or, to really work the quads, run stair sprints which are also good workouts when you live in cramped city spaces.


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