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Top 3 Green places to run during the hazy period

Haze, oh haze.

So many races like Bursa Bull Charge in KL, G2 Run and Run for Peace both in Kuching have been cancelled due to the worsening haze plaguing the whole country, and we’re worried too!

Have a big race like the Kuala Lumpur Standard Chartered Marathon (formerly known as Standard Chartered KL Marathon) and HSN21KM coming up and still need to get some training in? Don’t let the haze cancel your runs, in fact, out run the haze!

Here’s our top 3 places we think where you can continue your training, and still smash your PB in your next race!

Bukit Kiara Park, Kuala Lumpur

1. Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

We love the Bukit Kiara Park as it’s very versatile and caters to everyone from jogging, trail running, to mountain biking and hiking tracks with different fitness levels.

There’s a running route encircling a lake, a slightly more challenging route for steep uphill and downhill running, as well as higher, narrow forest trails for the venturesome. Running in the forest gives you a thick canopy cover from the haze, and fresh air. Win, win!

p/s There’s also a suspension bridge which you can run through, see if you can find it.

  • Entrance is free.
FRIM, Kuala Lumpur

2. FRIM – Forest Research Institute of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

We rate FRIM as the 5-star running route, home to one of the leading institutions in tropical forestry research in the world. Located 16 km from the heart of Kuala Lumpur, FRIM is an ideal place to run through the trails or tarmac, ride your mountain bike or take a scenic hike.

You can be assured of lush greenery with a variety of forests, we love the pine forest if you’re up for a bit of trail running or a hike.

  • Opening hours:
    • 6.00 am – 7.30 am & 8.30 am – 7.00 pm (Monday – Friday)
    • 6.00 am – 7.00 pm (Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays)
  • Entrance fee applies.
Shah Alam Botanical Park (

3. Shah Alam Botanical Park (Taman Botani Negara, Shah Alam), Selangor

The Shah Alam Botanical Park has reopened (closed from March-July 2019) and is once again the most beautiful park to visit in Shah Alam, Selangor. You can run, cycle, visit the SkyTrek adventure park, or ornament garden and even the four seasons temperate house in the vicinity.

The Botanical Park is part of the larger forest reserve known as ‘Bukit Cherakah forest reserve’ with lush tropical rainforest, so fresh clean air to protect your lungs and positive vibes are guaranteed!

  • Opening hours:
    • 7.30am – 5pm daily.
    • Closed on Mondays except during school holidays or public holidays
  • Entrance fee applies.

Disclaimer: While running in the forest may provide fresh oxygen and filter the haze, it may still be harmful if the haze is recorded at an alarming state. We would still advise you to take the necessary precautions, always stay hydrated, and follow the necessary instructions issued by the local authorities from time to time.