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Top 11 Triathlon and Duathlon Racing Tips from Triathlete Jason Loh

(Facebook/Jason Loh)

In preparation for the Powerman Asia Duathlon championships coming up this weekend, Team TIME athlete,  Jason Loh shares some insightful advise from his valuable years of racing experience.

Top 11 pointers:

1. Make sure your bike/tires are in good condition, components/screws are tighten (especially those who dismantle their bike parts due to traveling reasons or etc)

2. Make sure you have sufficient nutrition supply, get the regular type/brands that you have been used during races. Avoid having a change of brands before even trying it.

3. Always bring spares tubes/tires & tool kit into transition area, you will never know your tire might be already punctured or having mechanical issue (without even knowing) before you even start the race.

4. Make sure your bike is engaged in moderate-light gear when you rack your bike. It might not be a good idea to start your ride with a heavy gear after the mounting line.

5. Use appropriate tire pressures based on the road condition. Lower pressure if the road is in wet condition.

6. Make sure your helmet strap is un-clip and untwisted when you place your helmet on the bike before the race starts.

7. Make sure the lenses of your shades are wiped clean. You might leave some sweat stains on it from your previous rides or runs.

8. Check the weather forecast to predict what kind of lenses you’re going to wear. It might not be a wise choice to wear a heavily tinted lenses on a cloudy race morning.

9. Anxiety might occurs hours before race, make sure you rack your bike at your assigned parking lot. If not, you might not find your bike/shoes after your run or ride.

10. Understand the flow at the transition area, get to know the entrances for RUN-IN, RUN-OUT, BIKE-IN, BIKE-OUT and the flow towards your parking lot. Visualize and run through a few times before the race starts.

11. Bring a headlight to help you set up your transition area as the sky will be still dark.

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