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Top 10 tips for running in cool weather by Kimbeley Yap

#TeamToughAsia will be headed for the Macau Marathon in cool weather at 18 degrees Celsius, but we’ll be ready to factor in some wind chill if it gets windy. We called up Malaysia’s SEA Games Gold Medallist Triathlete, Kimbeley Yap to get some advise and top 10 tips on running in cool weather.

Kimbeley Yap gives us 10 tips to running in cool weather.  (Noel Chelliah)
Kimbeley Yap gives us 10 tips to running in cool weather. (Noel Chelliah)

1. Keep warm before the race. Wear layers, sweater and sweat pants. Take this off before you proceed to the start line.

2. Wear comfortable long sleeves and long tights, but not compression ones. Also, make sure that it absorbs sweat so that you won’t feel cold on the inside.

3. If it rains, keep 2 shower caps in your bag to keep your shoes dry. Cut small holes at the bottom for your shoes to keep traction and grip.

4. Wear gloves to keep your hands warm so that you won’t lose body heat too quickly as you run.

5. Rub some baby oil or Deep Heat on your joints to keep them warm.

6. Prepare a flask of hot chocolate which you can sip on before or after the race, you’ll be the envy of everyone around you!

7. Nutrition wise, stick to the same amount of energy gels which you usually carry.

8. Keep yourself hydrated although you might find yourself drinking a little less water compared to running in hot weather.

9. Warm yourself up a good 5-10 minutes before the race with some sprints.

10. Bring a fresh change of clothes to change out of your sweaty stuff including underwear so that you will feel completely refreshed!