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Top 10 Places to Run In Klang Valley and Selangor in 2020

It’s not just another year passing us by a whole decade, wow! Before we say goodbye to 2019 and the 2010s, we’d like to share our TOP 10 PLACES TO RUN in Klang Valley and Selangor with you.

Here are few places we love to continue to use for training and smash our PBs (then check Strava for medals, admit it, you do too!). We have many parks adorned with lush greenery, also bringing in cool and crisp air for early morning birds like us.

Which are your favourites, and better yet, which ones haven’t you been to and would like to visit in 2020?

Our favourite place to train and smash PBs in KL, the Perdana Botanical Gardens.

1. Perdana Botanical Gardens, Kuala Lumpur

We absolutely LOVE that we have such lush greenery in the heart of Kuala Lumpur!

If you work in KL city, the Perdana Botanical Gardens is well within reach, even by MRT. You can also get a quick run in after work, and escape the peak hour jam before you head home.

Formerly known as Lake Gardens, it has always been a part of the green lung of the city and has a history of over a decade. The garden has botanical collections and gives you the feeling of being in a tropical rainforest, despite being in the middle of a bustling metropolis.

Some running clubs use the gardens for training, so hit them up on weekdays and weekends to get a social run in too.

  • Opening Hours:
    • 7:00AM – 8:00PM (Hours might differ on special days and public holidays).
  • Entrance is free.

Bukit Jalil Park, Kuala Lumpur.

2. Bukit Jalil Park, Kuala Lumpur

Just outside of KL city, the Bukit Jalil Park is a such a gem with many trees to give you fresh clean air. There’s a tarmac route with a slight incline, test yourself to see how many loops you can run there! Consider it interval training. (Hint, that’s our secret to smashing PBs)

One of the best features of the park – and very Instagram-mable – is the International Garden (Laman Antarabangsa) featuring show gardens representing 10 different countries. Take a trip around the world while you’re at it.

  • Opening Hours:
    • 7:00AM – 8:00PM (Hours might differ on special days and public holidays).
  • Entrance is free.
  • Parking available at both entrances.
Bukit Kiara Park, Kuala Lumpur

3. Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

If you’re in the Petaling Jaya, Mont Kiara or Taman Tun Dr Ismail side of town, our top pick is the Bukit Kiara Park as it is very versatile and caters to everyone from jogging, trail running, to mountain biking and hiking with tracks for different fitness levels.

There is a running route encircling a lake, a slightly more challenging route for steep uphill and downhill running, as well as higher, narrow forest trails for the venturesome. Running in the forest gives you a thick canopy cover from the haze, and fresh air. Win, win!

p/s: There is a hidden suspension bridge in the park, see if you can find it.

  • Entrance is free.
FRIM, Kuala Lumpur

4. FRIM – Forest Research Institute of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

We rate FRIM as the 5-star running route, home to one of the leading institutions in tropical forestry research in the world. Located 16 km from the heart of Kuala Lumpur, FRIM is an ideal place to run through the trails or tarmac, ride your mountain bike or take a scenic hike.

You can be assured of lush greenery with a variety of forests, we love the pine forest if you’re up for a bit of trail running or a hike.

  • Opening hours:
    • 6.00 am – 7.30 am & 8.30 am – 7.00 pm (Monday – Friday)
    • 6.00 am – 7.00 pm (Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays)
  • Entrance fee applies.
Permaisuri Lake Gardens in Cheras, KL.

5. Permaisuri Lake Gardens, Cheras in Kuala Lumpur

Nestled in the Cheras neighbourhood, just outside of the KL city, the Permaisuri (Queen in Malay language) Lake Gardens so beautiful, no wonder they call her the Queen.

The 98-acre recreational park has a majestic lake, fountains, and is a family attraction especially on weekends.

  • Operating hours6am – 7.30pm daily
  • Entrance is free
Kepong Metropolitan Park, KL. (einnahpets.blogspot.my)

6. Kepong Metropolitan Park, Kuala Lumpur

If you have ever passed by this park on a windy day, the view is pretty amazing with numerous shaped kites adoring the sky. There is a 3km trail around the picturesque lake for you to exercise your legs, while you feast your eyes on the surroundings and enjoy the scenic park with trees aplenty.

  • Operating hours: 6am – 8pm daily
  • Entrance is free
Shah Alam Botanical Park (Kyension.com)

7. Shah Alam Botanical Park (Taman Botani Negara, Shah Alam), Selangor

The Shah Alam Botanical Park has reopened (closed from March-July 2019) and is once again the most beautiful park to visit in Shah Alam. You can run, cycle, visit the SkyTrek adventure park, or ornament garden and even the four seasons temperate house in the vicinity.

  • Opening hours:
    • 7.30am – 5pm daily.
    • Closed on Mondays except during school holidays or public holidays
  • Entrance fee applies.
A beautiful reflection of the Selangor State Mosque at the Shah Alam Lake Gardens. (Shamsul Hidayat Omar)

8. Shah Alam Lake Gardens, Selangor

Sprawled over 43 hectares, the Shah Alam Lake Gardens has a lakeside promenade, raised walkways that extend over the water, reflexology paths, jogging and cycling trails.

There are 3 man-made lake with beautifully landscaped parks and you can also rent kayaks after you’ve finished running in the park. You can also extend a visit to the Wet World Theme Park if you’re feeling adventurous and feel like getting wet especially during this hot, hazy weather.

While on the run, you’ll also be treated to a picture-perfect view of the Shah Alam State Mosque.

  • Opening hours: Always open
  • Entrance is free
Taman Saujana Hijau, Putrajaya (Whooz.wordpress.com)

9. Taman Saujana Hijau, Putrajaya

We first chanced upon this through picturesque park in wedding photos, and couldn’t believe we had been missing out on this run destination! You would be mistaken for running in Europe in your Instagram photos, this place is extremely Insta-friendly.

  • Operating hours: 7am – 7pm daily
  • Entrance is free
Putrajaya Botanical Gardens (Blogger2u.com)

10. Putrajaya Botanical Gardens, Putrajaya

If you work within the administrative capital, Putrajaya – one of 2 green running areas in the vicinity is the Putrajaya Botanical Gardens. Run within the scenic themes – Explorer’s Trail, Palm Hill, Floral Gardens, Sun Garden and the Lakeside. You might even learn a thing or two about trees by the time you finish your run!

  • Operating hours: 6am – 7pm daily
  • Entrance is free.