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Cross Train Triathlon

Tips to improve your sprint distance Swim in Triathlon

Train up your swimming at the pool 2-3 times a week.

If you usually fear the swimming part of Triathlon, you’re not alone. However, you can continue to build your confidence and train up your swim, to improve on your time.

If you can train at the pool three times a week and put some quality swimming in, you can improve before your next race. 

Start your sessions with a warm-up. The higher the intensity of the main session, the longer the warm-up should be.

For 45 minutes each time, rotate these six session over two weeks.

■ One session developing speed (faster than 400m race pace).

■ One session improving your threshold (around 1,500m race pace).

■ Three drill-based aerobic sessions.

■ One with a few drills and a longer continuous swim or longer reps.

If you’re able to space the threshold and speed sessions out (maybe one in the first week of the cycle and one in the second), this will allow for good recovery from hard sessions of the other disciplines.

Follow up with drills and work on areas that are weaker within your stroke. Alternatively, join group swimming classes and find some training buddies who can continue to spur your confidence.

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