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Thomas Strange and Camilla Pedersen earn viking win in Challenge Fredericia, Denmark

Camilla Pedersen wins Challenge Frediricia in Denmark. (Facebook/Challenge Denmark)
Camilla Pedersen wins Challenge Fredericia in Denmark. (Facebook/Challenge Denmark)

Thomas Strange and Camilla Pedersen took each home a convincing victory in Saturday’s Challenge Fredericia. After swimming with dolphins the athletes had to conquer a challenging route and harsh wind. Ideal conditions for the two Viking winners.

It was both spectacular and challenging from start to finish. Wind caused currents and waves in the Little Belt, and a playful dolphin decided to join the swimmers. Most athletes looked a little pale when they came out of the water after the turbulent swim, but it was the bike ride that offered the toughest challenge.

An unusually hilly and windy route – not least crossing the old Little Belt Bridge proved to be quite hard. Finally the athletes processed a hilly running route on a variety of substrates. A real Challenge, indeed.

Podium winners for Challenge Frediricia. (Instagram)
Podium winners for Challenge Fredericia. (Instagram)

A youngster not to be messed with

On the pro men’s side the youngest athlete, 22-year-old Thomas Strange took home a safe victory. He came out of the water as number two, and rode forward:

I am quite technically strong on the bike, so while the others had to rise from their aero bars on the bridge, I was able to stay down. That won me a lot of time. The run was incredibly hard – especially the second half. But it went well and it was a fantastic experience.

“There were so many people in the streets, and I got a ton of support all the way. Not just from my friends and family, but from everybody. So I’m really tired, but very happy!, says Thomas Strange. An athlete to keep an eye with,” continued a victorious Strange.

He was followed closely by Germans Per Bittner and Markus Fachbauch, who were eerily close the entire time.

On the bike course in Challenge Frediricia. (Facebook)
On the bike course in Challenge Fredericia. (Facebook)

Untouchable Camilla Pedersen

The pro women were a tough bunch. Everything could happen between Camilla Pedersen, Maja Stage and Dutch Yvonne Van Vlerken. But when they got started, put Danish triathlons amazing comeback kid, Camilla Pedersen, put an end to the uncertainty.

Pedersen put so much distance to her competitors that none of them ever came close to touching her. Fully four minutes after her followed Yvonne Van Vlerken, and almost 11 minutes after Maja Stage.

“It was an awesome route. Wind and hills is just me. It is there, I can separate me out, so it was the perfect scenario for me. And then I just had a good day. It also helped a lot that there was so much celebration in the streets that I felt I was worn through. I always love to run in Denmark, where I am at home. But today it was a very good experience, ” said Camilla Pedersen.

Swim start at Challenge Frediricia. (Instagram)
Swim start at Challenge Fredericia. (Instagram)


Professional Men

Thomas Strange (DEN) – 3:49:23
Per Bittner (GER) – 3:49:20
Markus Fachbach (GER) – 3:52:05

Professional Women

Camilla Pedersen (DEN) – 4:13:11
Yvonne Van Vlerken (NLD) – 4:17:12
Maja Stage Nielsen (DEN) 4:23:66

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