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These 4 Athletes Will Increase Your Running Fitness on Instagram

Here we go into another phase of quarantine for the greater good in this pandemic. However, that doesn’t mean you can continue to sit on your laurels. The holy month of Ramadan has also begun, so let’s take this time to enhance our awareness and respect to others, especially in terms of social distancing.

Furthermore, ToughASIA wants you to increase your fitness and improve yourself. We took a look at 4 Malaysian athletes on Instagram to inspire you to greater heights.


Indoor High Knee Fartlek and more

  • Live daily on 6pm at Awan Run’s Instagram
    • Today, April 29th – Indoor High Knee Fartlek
    • Thursday, Apr 30th – Stability Exercises
    • Friday, May 1st – Hip Exercise with Sanctband
    • Saturday, May 2nd – Runners Kettlebell Exercises
    • Sunday, May 3rd – Mobility Exercise
  • Running coach Azwan Bunjing better known as Awan Run, will be conducting sweat drenching, indoor fartleks for runners.
  • Join the KL Marathon’s 10km champion for daily workouts on Instagram Live from core to stability to fartlek workouts to increase your running performance.

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Nutrition and You

  • Live on April 30th, 4pm at Garmin Malaysia’s Instagram
  • A nutritionist by profession, Adele Wong will be sharing nutrition advice.
  • The fitness coach has also been demonstrating how you can execute certain movements correctly on her Instagram page. Take this is as a great time to look at yourself and assess your postures and movements.

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How many steps can you do in 5 minutes?

Our national marathon champion, Loh Chooi Fern aka Penny increased her own challenge to do as many steps as possible in 5 minutes on the spot! Now, that’s MENTAL strength more than anything else.

Some virtual races are also accepting indoor runs like this now so perhaps you can sign up for some too.

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TOP TIP: BURPEES enable you to run faster

Running ambassador YK Chai decided to BURPEE-up her workouts. Some fitness trainers attest that the burpee trains virtually every muscle in your body—including your shoulders, chest, abs, quads, inner thighs, butt, and triceps.

Besides, it sets your heart pumping for awesome calorie-torching, muscle-building benefits too! It will help build your lung capacity which will allow you to run faster after this lockdown. So, start adding burpees to your day!