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The new zonyk pro: one for all – all with one

  • The zonyk pro by adidas Sport eyewear is built for more vision and speed
  • New level of adaptability and clarity with combined VARiO + LST™ filters
  • Three zonyk pro highlight models complement a wide variety of frame color and filter combinations


LINZ, Austria, Aug. 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — adidas Sport eyewear has unveiled the latest model of its sport collection – the zonyk pro – that is designed to provide athletes with equipment that meets their demands to achieve the very best.

In order to create the most advanced and functional eyewear possible, the zonyk pro has been specially developed in close cooperation with and for athletes. The zonyk pro has been engineered and designed to amplify performance – as well as appearance – and takes full advantage of the adidas Sport eyewear lens range. There are polarized, mirror, LSTTM and VARiO options to ensure that perfect vision can be achieved whatever the weather or lighting conditions.

VARiO technology allows for the lenses to automatically change from light to dark tint within seconds. Light Stabilizing Technology™ intensifies contrasts and harmonizes light fluctuations, leading to reduced eye fatigue and improved concentration. By combining VARiO and LSTTM, athletes get the best of both worlds in one lens.

A brand new Lens Lock-SystemTM makes it possible to exchange lenses quickly and easily. Furthermore, the sweeping lens contour creates a wide peripheral vision and enhances protection against sun, wind and impact. The lightweight yet durable SPX® frame with integrated climacool® ventilation system is available in two sizes.

The climacool® system of the zonyk pro is intensified by a detachable foam sweat bar, which is shaped to maintain a cooling flow of air while keeping sweat out of the eyes. The Double-Snap Nose BridgeTM helps to achieve a customized fit, and the adjustable TRI.FITTM temples with Flex Zones increase grip when on the move.

Three special highlight models are part of the launch:

  • The zonyk pro Solar Red colorway makes its debut at the world’s biggest sport event this summer in Brazil.
  • Due to the reflective highlights on the frame and sweat bar of the zonyk pro Reflective – equipped with self-adjusting dark grey to fully translucent VARiO filters – the wearer’s visibility, and therefore safety, is improved.
  • The zonyk pro Movistar version with brand new combined VARiO mirror filters hits the start line at the 2016 edition of the Tour de France. With it, the best road cycling team in the world – Team Movistar – is hunting for the yellow jersey.

Also available is the zonyk without sweat bar and in exclusive frame colors, bridging the gap between performance and style. A selection of polarized, mirror, LSTTM– and even VARiO-equipped lenses ensure perfect vision under all circumstances.

The new zonyk pro by adidas Sport eyewear is available in September 2016 in four different color and filter combinations, starting at $209.00. The zonyk is available in three different color and filter combinations, starting at $159.00.