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The Kettlebowl celebrates 3rd Birthday with Yoga, Dance, CrossFit and Laughter

The Kettlebowl did it again. We’ve never seen a bigger crowd of 500+ strong people actively turning up to do yoga and cardio plus dance in one venue!

Held at Copper Mansion in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, the fitness party ignited the day with yoga based session by Tissie Chan, Sandra Woo and Nor Soraya. Each imparted their own strengths and teachings with Tissie starting by focusing solely on breathing.


Through breathing, we learned to channel our emotions and garner our inner strength to carry on into arm balances and inversions conducted by Nor Soraya.

And would you believe, through Nor Soraya’s guidance, I managed to invert myself into a headstand for the first time!

It was a very empowering feeling to accomplish something I never thought possible on my first attempt. Calming down, Sandra Woo then took us on many stretches and binds to harness to various benefits of yoga.

First headstand in yoga, checked!

Laughing can be considered a workout too, when you have local comedian Kuah Jen Han cracking jokes on CrossFit, yoga and spinning classes! His jokes were very relevant to the fitness crowd who thoroughly enjoyed the show.

Once we were all perked up with laughter – the best medicine ever, we were more than ready to be re-energized with Chloe Lisann, Maybelline Wong and Ishaq Vadillo. Dance moves were disguised abs and core workout with Chloe which had us all sore the next day!

Good pain, good gains as Ishaq introduced combat like movements before Maybelline took over and turned the whole hall into the dance floor.

Feeling famished, we swept through the Makan stalls like a hungry plague. Filling up with ‘healthy’ poke bowl and moving onto to guilt-less, calorie-free ice cream. Many other Malaysian home-made brands were peddling their wares, and if only they were edible, we would’ve eaten that too.

Coming from CrossFit backgrounds, The Kettlebowl founders Janell Tan and Nicholas See affectionately known as Nick and Nell, threw in ‘The Legacy Challenge’ in search of the fittest, fastest, strongest athlete.

Kelly Newton cycling her way to the title of Female 2019 Kettlebowler.
Irfan Rizzqin (middle rower) won the title of Male 2019 Kettlebowler.

True to CrossFit essentials, athletes were challenged to complete rowing, skiing, cycling, squatting, not forgetting burpees and to come out smiling to win the ‘2019 Kettlebowler’ title!

Many CrossFit boxes turned up in full force with CrossFit Pahlawan bringing in the biggest contingent of 35 athletes, while some others came from as far as Malacca. Eagerly, they turned this challenge into their WOD – Workout of the Day with an additional incentive.

The Kettlebowl’s The Legacy Challenge winners. (Sun Life Malaysia)
The CrossFit Pahlawan contenders
Athletes from CrossFit Malacca

After seven minutes, Irfan Rizzqin and Kelly Newton were crowned the ‘2019 Kettlebowler’ title for men and women respectively, winning a pair of Reebok CrossFit Nano 8.0 shoes plus many other prizes contributed by sponsors – Flash Gadgets, Heal, Liberty Active, Triple Threat, Cabana, Cali and Nuts Enough.

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