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The CrossFit Games Scavenger Hunt ala Pokémon Go

CrossFit Games Scavenger Hunt

We’re all counting the hours down to The CrossFit Games 2016 with bated breath!

In the meantime, with the Pokémon Go craze hitting the world like wild fire, The CrossFit Games have also launched their own version of a scavenger hunt.

The Vendor Village at the CrossFit Games is massive, making it the perfect venue for a scavenger hunt. Wanna play? Make sure you have an Instagram account!

The Hunt

You have to take photos of yourself with 12 items in Vendor Village. Post each photo to Instagram with the hashtag #CFGHunt and tag the sponsor (@SponsorName).

Post a photo of yourself..

1. Wearing Reebok Nano 6.0s. | @Reebok
2. In front of Rogue’s bumper plate flag wall. | @RogueFitness
3. Holding The Bar by Progenex. |@Progenex
4. In front of Airrosti’s ASA sign, and tag your box owner. | @Airrosti
5. Wearing the “commit” temporary tattoo from Zevia. | @Zevia
6. Wearing the new Games-edition Magnum sunglasses. | @GatorzEyewear
7. Wearing a Rehband knee sleeve. | @Rehband
8. Hooked up to a Compex unit. | @CompexUSA
9. Sampling the LifeAid Tester Flight. | @LifeAidBevCo
10. With someone wearing a Qalo ring. | @QaloRing
11. Wearing a Junk headband. | @JunkBrands
12. Next to the custom Triumph Tiger motorcycle. | @KillCliff

Calling Time

Once you’ve finished the Scavenger Hunt, post one final photo of yourself with the hashtag #CFGHuntComplete.

Visit the CrossFit Games Facebook page or Games.CrossFit.Com For full details and prize information.

Source: CrossFit Games Instagram