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The Burden Run 2014, Rope Edition: Not as easy as it seems

The Burden Run returned to University Malaysia on 17th May 2014, unlike the first time using raw sandbags, this time it’s the new and improved Rope Edition. Easier to carry but I personally reckon, the sandbag makes it much more interesting.



There were less participants compared to the first edition with only 300 sign ups where there were 750 spots open for registration, this run was organized by students for assessment purposes.

Similar to the previous edition,  the “weight” for men is 6kg and for women is 4kg. The run flagged off at 6.30am where 300 weight runners get ready for a pretty torturing sprint.




Adrian, our burden-runner did look like he was running out of breath with the weight, considering that he is quite a toughie at lifting weights. “It is a challenge I look forward to attempt again,” he said without doubt.

The change from raw sandbag to rope seems lighter however according to Adrian – due to the length and rigid shape, one has to use both hands at times to hold it close to the body for better running efficiency. Not as easy as it looked!

The beauty of The Burden Race is one to behold when runners from all ages and all shapes from different walks in life come together to share the same “burden”. More-or-less la.

SALUTE: If she can do it, you can do it too!

For finishers, it is truly a day to remember.
We here at ToughAsia look forward to more weight runs, because the faces on the course are quite a spectacle. *evil laugh*

Next time if you see the camera, give it your most charming smile! (if you can even think straight)
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