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Adventure Racing

Malaysia to be first Asian country to host Adventure Racing World Series


Malaysia will be a race destination for the coveted ultimate race of human race, the Adventure Racing (AR) World Series.

Malaysia will be the first country outside of Europe and the USA to hold the world’s most competitive endurance race.

Making it the first destination set in a tropical climate for the AR World Series, the race will be set in Pahang with its vast ecological surrounding, general larger and availability of multi terrains.


The 10-year franchise contract with AR World Series will own the rights to hold races not only in Malaysia but Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore too. From the pool of experienced Sports doctors under SSEMM to the Certified instructor and service provider for the Wilderness Medical Associates International, the October race participants are all assured of maximum attention in terms of both well being and safety.

Endurance athletes and outdoor racing enthusiasts will cover no less than 380 km including navigational skill, trail running, mountain biking, kayaking, caving, abseiling and for the 1st time in ARWS history – TREE CLIMBING.

Like other ARWS races, participants are required to make up teams of four athletes of which a minimum of one of them being the opposite sex.


They will battle challenging weather conditions, an unknown course that will only be revealed at the starting point, and physical as well as mental fatigue as they race non-stop day and night.

The team that comes in first position will receive priority to enter next year’s AR World Series as well as the prize money of USD5,000.

For more info on ARWS MALAYSIA Series, click onto their website here.