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Temporary Closure of Hiking Trails and Eco Parks Across Peninsular Malaysia Due to Monsoon Season

In response to the imminent arrival of the monsoon season, various State Forestry Departments in Malaysia have collectively decided to temporarily close hiking trails and eco parks across the nation to ensure the safety of visitors.

The closures, as announced on the respective Facebook pages of each department, are set to take effect on different dates in accordance with the specific circumstances of each region:

Kedah: Closure from October 26, 2023, until further notice.

Negeri Sembilan: Trails and eco parks will be closed from November 20, 2023, until further notice.

Pahang: Closure in effect from November 10, 2023, until further notice.

Perak: Closure effective from November 15, 2023, until further notice.

Selangor: Hiking trails and eco parks temporarily closed from November 15, 2023, until January 31, 2024.

Terengganu: Trails to be closed starting November 1, 2023, with reopening scheduled for February 28, 2024.


These precautionary measures are being implemented to mitigate potential safety risks posed by the monsoon season, which is known for its unpredictable weather patterns and increased precipitation.

The State Forestry Departments urge the public to adhere to these temporary closures for their own safety and the safety of rescue personnel. Visitors are advised to stay informed about updates on the reopening of these natural recreational areas through official social media channels and local news sources.

Officials emphasize that the decision to close these sites is a proactive step to safeguard the well-being of visitors and to prevent any unforeseen incidents that may arise due to adverse weather conditions during the monsoon season.

For those planning outdoor activities during this period, it is recommended to stay informed about weather forecasts and to comply with any advisories issued by local authorities. The reopening of these trails and eco parks will be announced once conditions are deemed safe for public access.