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Taiwan Excellence Offers 95 Health & Lifestyle Products at KLSCM2019 Expo

Seems like the Kuala Lumpur Standard Chartered Marathon (KLSCM) 2019 has crossed the borders with its renowned reputation as a world class race! (Super proud being a Malaysian).

The Taiwan Excellence Pavilion held in conjunction with KLSCM’s race pack collection and expo have showcased an abundance of innovative Taiwanese products. Themed ‘Run in Style’, 4 major categories of products were on display: sports & leisure, health & beauty, e-sports & ICT and lifestyle.

Tasha Hsiao, Director of Taiwan Trade Center Kuala Lumpur Representative Office mentioned that “[the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion] helps to promote a healthier and more productive lifestyle for runners by introducing the latest health related Taiwanese lifestyle products to elevate the quality of life.”

The ToughASIA team that was invited for the event was given the opportunity to experience some of these unique products together with Edan Syah, the captain of Smart Athletics Club.

Ta-Da Chair

Edan Syah trying out the Ta-Da Chair

It’s really a ‘Ta-Da’ because it works as a multi-purpose walking stick, trekking pole and a chair. So, rather than resting on the floor after that long and exhausting run at KLSCM, this highly portable product can be a perfect resting chair to stretch out those worn out legs. Better yet, it is completely waterproof and will never rusts.

Product Model: #13850
Product Weight: 920g
Product Details:
A) Safe
– Safety lock to ensure stability
– The seat folds ergonomically into three panels to reduce the risk of pinching or tangling
– Auto leg-lock device
– Double locking screws and rivets to reduce concern of chair collapses

B) Comfortable
– 10 degree handle design that fits smoothly into the palm, making it comfortable to hold
– Perfect curve seating that fits users of all shapes and sizes
Flexible seat material that allows for a long period of sitting.

C) Convenient
– Seat can be deployed with just two fingers

D) Light
– The center of Ta-Da Chair’s gravity is above the base, reducing the effort required to maneuver.
– Lightweight
– Max width (after folding) is 9cm

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The chair’s safety demand refers to european standard EN581, where experiments and tests were carried by SGS . This stick complies with the Taiwanese National Standard CNS 15192 with certificate issued.



Tired from all those pre-race anxiety? SleepBank will kick you to bed naturally (non-literally) through its Sleep Frequency Technology (SFT) device. It actually generates a natural field that makes your body relax, slowing down your brain waves to improve sleep quality and prolonging deep sleep.

In other words, it is something similar to hypnosis, but through the use of technology to put you to bed before the big day at KLSCM. A good night’s sleep before the race will definitely improve your PB.

For more info, visit

So, who is this Edan Syah?

Photo Credit: Edan Syah’s Facebook

He’s famous, a celebrity marathoner, and a national pride in the running industry!

In 2016, Edan was selected as Malaysia’s fastest marathon runner with an outstanding result in various international marathon competitions GLOBALLY. This includes a PB of 2:30:53 in the 2017 Gold Coast Marathon.

His recent accolade by the Guinness World Book of Records also sets him as the Fastest Marathon Runner with a National Flag costume at a record timing of 2 hours and 54 minutes. This award was presented upon his completion at the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival in September 2018.

Edan’s No. 1 tip for runners is to run smart by utilising the right knowledge, especially on the adjustment of pace and intensity according to the runner’s heart rate in order to allow the body to perform at its peak in all situations. In other words, the right pace will drive you further as your body adjust and endure in different situations.

Head over to the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion pre-marathon Active Lifestyle Expo and discover a whole lot more of exciting innovation. Location: Booth S3, Hall 4, Putra World Trade Centre.