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Tacx presents the Tacx Ironman® Cycle-Mounting Trainer

TAMPA, Fla. (March 4, 2014) – Today, Tacx BV announced the launch of the new Tacx IRONMAN® Cycle-Mounting Trainer. The new trainer, built and designed for triathletes to achieve the highest level of performance, is Tacx’s first triathlon specific trainer.


The Official Cycle-Mounting Trainer of IRONMAN includes a motor brake for a realistic cycling experience and advanced software for analyzing performance and simulating real IRONMAN races. The trainer comes with the Tacx Skyliner front wheel support, a Kona water bottle and a DVD of the IRONMAN® World Championship bike course. The most advanced version of the Tacx Trainer software, which is compatible with the trainer, is ideal for analyzing performance and simulating real races. In 2014, additional IRONMAN bike courses will be available to use with the trainer.

Tacx home trainers are used by some of the world’s finest triathletes, including IRONMAN legend Craig Alexander.

“I was excited to read about IRONMAN’s partnership with Tacx,” said Alexander. “I have been using a Tacx trainer for a while now and they are an extremely time efficient and effective way to train and improve your performance.”

In 2014, Tacx will follow and support two athletes striving to achieve their ultimate goal. Wolfgang Ermeling is preparing for his last ever IRONMAN triathlon, while ‘first timer’ Frank Janssen is working towards his dream of becoming an IRONMAN athlete. Both athletes will write about their journey on the Tacx website.

The suggested retail price of the Tacx IRONMAN® Cycle-Mounting Trainer is $1,595 (MYR5,222).

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