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Swimmer Ridzwan Rahim Achieves Historic Non-stop Swim from Redang Island to Mainland Terengganu

Photo by Perhentian Channel Swim’s Facebook

Swimmer Ridzwan Rahim has etched his name in the annals of swimming history by successfully completing an unprecedented non-stop and unassisted swim from Redang Island to mainland Terengganu, covering a remarkable distance of 25km. This extraordinary feat, known as the Redang Channel Solo Swim 2023, showcases Rahim’s unparalleled determination and showcases the human spirit’s capacity for achieving the extraordinary.

In an exclusive and awe-inspiring event, Ridzwan Rahim embarked on his groundbreaking journey from the Redang Island Marine Park Centre at 9:15 pm on 24 June 2023, under the watchful eyes of his devoted crew and supporters. Battling against powerful currents and natural elements, Rahim’s indomitable spirit propelled him forward as he swam for an astounding 20 hours, 42 minutes, and 26 seconds until he reached the shores of Bari Beach on the mainland at 5:57 pm on 25 June 2023. Throughout his challenging endeavor, Rahim was accompanied by a dedicated crew consisting of two escort boats and a kayak, ensuring his safety and providing support when needed.

This landmark achievement marks Rahim’s second remarkable swim, further solidifying his status as a trailblazer in the world of marathon swimming. In March 2021, he became the first person to conquer the daunting 17km swim from Perhentian Island to mainland Terengganu. The successful completion of the Redang Channel swim, like its predecessor, awaits the esteemed ratification by the Marathon Swimmers Federation (MSF) in the United States, adding an official stamp of recognition to this historic achievement.

The Redang Channel Solo Swim 2023 stands as a testament to Rahim’s audacious vision and unwavering determination. This extraordinary feat is part of a larger project called the Terengganu Four Swims, conceptualised by Rahim and his team, which aims to pioneer a series of marathon swims in the waters of Terengganu. Alongside the Redang Island to mainland swim, the ambitious cluster comprises swims from Perhentian Island to the mainland (17km), Perhentian Island to Lang Tengah Island (19km), and Redang Island to Lang Tengah Island (10km), promising more groundbreaking milestones in the realm of open water swimming.

Reflecting on his herculean accomplishment, Ridzwan Rahim, a resident of Kajang, Selangor, humbly expressed his deep gratitude and newfound respect for the formidable waters of the Redang Channel. Rahim acknowledged the immense challenge posed by this particular swim, surpassing the difficulties encountered during the Perhentian Channel swim in 2021. Despite the officially designated distance of 25km, the unpredictability of winds, currents, and other natural elements led Rahim to cover a staggering 37.36km during his relentless pursuit of victory.

The arduous swim across the Redang Channel posed formidable obstacles, with only the initial hour, the serene sunrise, and the final hour offering respite from the relentless physical and mental demands. The majority of the journey was characterised by grueling conditions, as Rahim battled against choppy waters and unpredictable weather patterns. In the late afternoon, a squall threatened to hinder his progress, but Rahim’s unwavering determination and unwavering support from his crew prevailed, allowing him to overcome this formidable challenge.

With the completion of the Redang Channel swim, Rahim’s extraordinary journey continues as he sets his sights on conquering the remaining two swims within the Terengganu Four Swims series, further cementing his legacy as an unparalleled marathon swimmer.

Ridzwan Rahim’s Redang Channel Solo Swim 2023 was made possible through the tireless efforts and unwavering support of his exceptional team. Leading the charge was Mohd Faiz Mat Isa, who served as the team leader and chief feeder, ensuring Rahim’s sustenance throughout the grueling swim. Other indispensable members of the crew included Mohd Hafizuddin Amlin, the kayaker; Shamsul Hamimi Ab Rahman, the lead observer; Tsuyoshi Amzar Sawada, the observer; Muhammad Fajrul Hazreen Zainal, the lifeguard and medic; Ariff Budiman Abdul Halim, the photographer; and Mohd Fahmi Zainal Aripin, the drone videographer.

The boat crew, comprising Mohd Nazuan Azharrudin, Muhamad Muhaimin Mat Yunus, and Muhammad Hairiy Che Jais, skillfully navigated the waters aboard the main escort boat. The media boat, responsible for capturing this historic moment, was manned by Shamzur Azren Che Samaon, Muhammad Haiziey Che Jais, Mohd Fazlin Zakaria, and Roki.

Ridzwan Rahim and the Perhentian Channel Swim team express their deepest gratitude to the Setiu Royal Malaysian Police, Setiu Fire and Rescue Department, Setiu Malaysian Civil Defence Force, Tok Bali Kelantan chapter of the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency, and Tourism Terengganu for their unwavering support and invaluable assistance throughout this momentous project. Their contributions have played a pivotal role in enabling Rahim to push the boundaries of human achievement and inspiring others to embark on their own extraordinary journeys.

As Ridzwan Rahim continues to defy limitations and push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of swimming, the world eagerly awaits his future triumphs, and his remarkable achievements serve as a testament to the power of human resilience and the pursuit of greatness.