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Super League Triathlon Ice Kacang Food Challenge with Hayden Wilde and Matthew Hauser

Super League Triathlon Triathletes Hayden Wilde and Matthew Hauser were asked to do a food challenge at the Maxwell Food Centre in Singapore.

Both Wilde and Hauser were in Singapore for the finale of the Super League Triathlon encompassing a series of fast-paced Triathlon events with unpredictable outcomes that culminate in the crowning of the best and most versatile male and female triathletes in the world. Over the course of the season, the top 50 (25 male and 25 female) triathletes from around the world battle it out for the crown to become the best all-round triathlete.

They were tasked to create ‘ice kacang’ from the ingredients laid out in front of them without any prior knowledge of how it looks like. The shaved ice dessert is very popular in the region, especially on sweltering hot days. It consists of a myriad of ingredients from ‘chendol’, grass jelly, red or kidney beans, corn, peanuts to delicacies of ‘atap chi’ (nipah seeds), forming a treasure trove below the mountain of ice.

The mountain of shaved ice is then drizzled with brown sugar, or colourful syrup with a dash of evaporated milk to top it all off. Locals have their own ways of devouring this dessert, be it slowly carving their way through from the top to the bottom, or going straight to the bottom.

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Video credit: Super League Triathlon