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Sufferlandrian National Team Training Camp opens to ‘fantasy’ National Team Cyclists

Sufferfest National Training Camp 2015

Feel like a National Team Cyclist at The Sufferfest’s UCI World Cycling Centre Training Camp

The Sufferfest, along with its partners the Union Cycliste Internationale and elite coach Neal Henderson of Apex Coaching, are excited to announce the first ever Sufferlandrian National Team Training Camp, hosted from June 14th to the 21st 2015 at the UCI World Cycling Centre (WCC) on the shores of Lake Geneva in Aigle, Switzerland.

The camp offers a ‘fantasy’ experience of the life and rigours of an athlete at the UCI World Cycling Centre, the world’s premiere facility for developing cyclists.

“This camp is unlike anything else in the world,” says Sufferfest CEO David McQuillen.

“The state-of-the-art facilities, dedicated staff, professional coaches and the fact that this is the world headquarters of cycling’s governing body allowed us to create something truly unique” says McQuillen,

“And that’s the experience of being on a National Cycling Team – something out of reach for all but the most elite of riders.”

Sufferfest National Training Camp 2015

This is the first time the UCI WCC has ever been opened to a full commercial training camp of this magnitude.

“This is the heart of developmental and professional cycling” explains Fredéric Magné, UCI WCC Director.

“Some of the world’s best athletes have passed through our doors, and we are delighted to welcome the Sufferlandrian National Team alongside our other resident riders and play a key role in their development. The UCI WCC boasts a velodrome, location of the current world hour record, cyclo-cross and BMX circuits, weight room, service course, classrooms, testing facilities and much more.”

McQuillen and a team from the UCI will manage daily camp operations, while world-class coach Neal Henderson, who handles pro cyclists like Taylor Phinney, Evelyn Stevens and recent Tour Down Under winner Rohan Dennis, will oversee the daily development of the Sufferlandrian National Team members.

Sufferfest National Training Camp 2015

“We’re going to give participants an amazing experience that will really enhance their life as a cyclist,” commented Henderson who has designed many of the workouts for The Sufferfest videos. “I’m looking forward to helping transform Sufferlandrians into the best cyclists they can be with our world-class preparation.”

“The camp’s days will “be structured around four core pillars: Fitness, Education, Skills and Insight,” he continued. “It’s going to be fun, but also incredibly useful. Our goal is not just to increase fitness, but to make participants better, more knowledgeable cyclists – something that will last far longer than the fitness any normal training camp can provide.”

Coached, fully-supported morning rides through the beautiful the Swiss Alps will be followed by classroom sessions on various cycling topics. Skills sessions in the velodrome, cyclo-cross course, BMX track and weight room will start in the afternoon, followed by gourmet evenings at local restaurants and vineyards with the UCI and cycling insiders for true insights into the workings of the sport.

The Sufferfest invites cyclists of all levels to join the Sufferlandrian National Team Camp for the experience of a lifetime. The 7-night stay in Aigle, Switzerland will also feature VIP access to the penultimate stage of the Tour de Suisse, full National Team clothing and many other surprises. There are only 16 openings on the camp and the cost is $8,750 USD.

Sufferfest National Training Camp 2015

Sufferfest National Training Camp 2015

More details are available on TheSufferfest. #sufferfest #sufferlandria