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Sub-2 Marathon Alpha Fly worn by Eliud Kipchoge banned by World Athletics

Exclusive: Eliud Kipchoge insists two-hour marathon Nike shoes are fair, but World Athletics to ban them

World records have been tumbling with the advent of running shoes’ technology, therefore the World Athletics have issued a press statement to protect the integrity of the sport.

It seems that the controversial Vaporfly Nike range which boasted advanced technology features have escaped the ban. However, the Alphafly prototype shoes worn in Eliud Kipchoge’s phenomenal marathon record-breaking time are deemed not compliant with the guidelines issued by World Athletics.

World Athletics said in a press release:

“From 30 April 2020, any shoe must have been available for purchase by any athlete on the open retail market (online or in store) for a period of four months before it can be used in competition.”

“Further, with immediate effect there will be an indefinite moratorium on any shoe (whether with or without spikes) that does not meet the following requirements:

  • The sole must be no thicker than 40mm.
  • The shoe must not contain more than one rigid embedded plate or blade (of any material) that runs either the full length or only part of the length of the shoe. The plate may be in more than one part but those parts must be located sequentially in one plane (not stacked or in parallel) and must not overlap.
  • For a shoe with spikes, an additional plate (to the plate mentioned above) or other mechanism is permitted, but only for the purpose of attaching the spikes to the sole, and the sole must be no thicker than 30mm.”