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STILL Sport Water Bottle with Built-in Purifier and Alkaline Generator

DrinkSTILL has announced its nationwide launch of its portable purifier and alkaline water bottle. This water bottle has a built-in filter, loaded with minerals that absorb bacteria and releases essential minerals, while increasing the waters PH up to 10.


Performance and Portability
Whether you are heading to yoga, camping, gym, biking, running or travelling, fill your water bottle from any tap source and know that your water will be purified from bacteria, chlorine, and fluoride, all while enhancing the water with minerals. The filter and minerals last up to a full year and the bottle is BPA free. No more need to buy water; whether purified or alkaline, this does it all.

Just Add Water
Just fill with tap water; allow the minerals to activate water, the longer the more concentrated and enhanced your water becomes. Raise your PH up to 10 in minutes.

Pricing and Availability
STILL Super Alkaline Sport Water Bottle is available now at, Amazon, and selected retailers. 20 OZ BPA Free – Filter lifetime 1 year. $35 Per Bottle.