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Steph Chung qualifies for Regional CrossFit Games from Qatar

You may not know her name now, but you might want to take note of Steph Chung who has qualified for the Regionals level of the CrossFit Games competition.

Having relocated to Qatar in 2014, Steph will represent Qatar and CrossFit Erada against top notch CrossFit athletes from the Middle East, Europe, and Africa in Madrid, Spain from May 24-27th.

“It’s really exciting to make it to the next level. The community here has been so supportive, I couldn’t have done it without them!” said the 24 year old lass, Chung.

Steph Chung qualifies for CrossFit Erada in Spain. (Gulf Times)
Steph Chung qualifies for Regional CrossFit Games in Spain. (Gulf Times)

Steph started CrossFit in 2013 as a hobby, but soon began pursuing the competitive side of CrossFit just a few months after moving to Doha. CrossFit encompasses various disciplines and movements including

“She’s put in a lot of hard work, she deserves it, and we can’t wait to show the world what Qatar can do,” says her coach, Robert Anthony.

The qualifying spot for those in the Middle East and Africa, is highly coveted as only 10 men and women earned spots on the competition floor in Madrid.

The CrossFit Games is a yearly competition that stands alone as the ultimate test of fitness. The competitive season consists of three stages: The Open, Regionals, and the Games, and less than 1% of participants move past The Open and onto the Regionals stage.

CrossFit welcomes everyone to the sport, as it’s scaleable to all levels and abilities. Just venture into any CrossFit gyms or “boxes”, and hook yourself up with the most effective and fun way to get in shape.

Source: Gulf Times.