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Stay Alert During Your Runs With JoyMix Awake Naturally

Long runs do take their toll on many runners as they drain energy, leading to low levels of alertness. Some runners may not think much of it as the worst it could do is to lower your performance. But think about it – be it either in a race or a normal training session by running on roads – the lack of alertness can either lead to injuries or even accidents. Hence, alertness not only towards your run, but your surroundings are important as well.

Of course, it can be argued that running in the parks could avoid all these complications, but most public parks around the country are actually not as well maintained compared to some community parks. Hence, alertness is still a need to ensure that you are aware of all the actions you take during your run.

In late 2020, JoyMix Enterprise launched the JoyMix Awake, a natural powder drink packed with the goodness of whole grapes and galangal that could help to improve your alertness on runs and daily lifestyle, without the caffeine rush.

Moreover, the JoyMix Awake also helps to boost immunity and reduces free radicals that will keep you healthy.

Let us put JoyMix Awake in a real life test with 33-year-old Business Development Manager Chris Khoo, an avid runner and also the founder of the MAF Runners Malaysia Facebook Group.

ToughASIA: Can you share with us on when you started running and what made you interested in the sport?
Chris: I started running in 2011 with a hiatus from 2014 to 2016 due to a bad knee injury, but basically it was to manage my weight sustainably.

I run alone most of the time as I have my own training programme which is slightly difficult to sync with the others, but if I were to run in a group, usually it would be a long weekend LSD.

ToughASIA: What are your warm up routines before you run?
Chris: My regular warm ups involve lunges, glute activation, some mobility exercises such as leg swings, stretching and a slow jog between 5 to 10 minutes depending on the day’s programme.

But I would also like to note that while I do not incorporate other special training into my run, I do practise a daily set of morning workouts which include sit ups, wide hip bridge, wide squats, side leg lifts, push ups, and a mix of other bodyweight workouts.

ToughASIA: Despite being in a lockdown, are you planning for any races in 2022?
Chris: Some of the races I am really looking forward to are the 2022 IRONMAN 70.3 Cebu and the 2022 Powerman ASIA Duathlon Championships in Putrajaya.

ToughASIA: What is your experience with the JoyMix Awake?
Chris: I did not feel much of a difference in the first week, but subsequently I would feel the alertness increasing at work and also during my training sessions, even though it is not as strong as a caffeine high. Personally, I think the main benefit to using this product is in improving the overall immune system resilience while training in the recent erratic weather. I had to run and train in some really hot, wet and cold weather, which usually leads me to having the flu. However, I did not encounter this issue this time round.

ToughASIA: Do you like how it tastes?
Chris: Absolutely love the taste of JoyMix Awake. It is very easy to consume and it just tastes like pouring grape powder into your mouth, which melts into grape juice. Great for those sleepy morning starts.

ToughASIA: Would you recommend JoyMix Awake?
Chris: Definitely, and I will order another box for myself again to see if there are any longer term changes upon consuming more of this product.

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