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Start your Vision 2020 Healthy Lifestyle with Eagle Run 2020

Did you know the eagle is among the strongest of the animal kingdom, and can spot its prey few kilometers away?

The Eagle Run 2020 educates and inculcates the strong values of an eagle with the tagline, ‘Pay Now, Play Later’. The bird of prey has the courage to endure a year of pain to enjoy 40 years of life later.

This fun run will get you into a healthy habit to lead an active lifestyle, so that you can enjoy many years ahead of you. Held in The Botanical Gardens in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, it will open up your lungs to breathe cool fresh air in the early morning. What a great way to start the day!

Be like an eagle and encourage your friends from near or far to sign up together before registration closes on 07th January 2020. Each participant will be entitled to an eagle on the medal, drawstring bag and a t-shirt.

Event Details

Date: 9 Feb 2019 (Sunday)

Time: 7:00AM

Venue: Perdana Botanical Kuala Lumpur

Distances: 3km, 5km & 10km


Registration Ends: 07 January 2020

For more information, follow Eagle Run 2o20 via Facebook and Instagram.

ToughASIA is the official media of Eagle Run 2020.


“Love, The Ultimate Solution to Running” – Nathaniel Keshan Rajah