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#SpartanUp from your office chair

You can #SpartanUp at your desk with some stretches. (
You can #SpartanUp at your desk with some stretches. (

Do you want to be more Spartan even when you’re sitting in an office chair? Office rats are often plagued by ankle, hip, upper back (thoracic spine) and shoulders problems and you can do a bit more to #SpartanUp.

If you can move more freely without being restricted by tight or overactive muscles or soft tissue restriction, you can improve your performance at your next race.

Here are five mobility exercises you can do while seated.

1. Foot.

Keep a golf ball under your work desk. Place your foot on top of the ball and apply moderate downward pressure onto the ball. Roll the bottom of your foot from the toes to the heel and then side to side over the ball. Do this for 1 minute and repeat with the opposite foot.


Ankle Stretches can be done while seated. (
Ankle Stretches can be done while seated. (

2. Ankle.

While seated, extend one leg so the foot is off the ground and then write out the entire alphabet by moving your foot at the ankle. Repeat with the other foot.



3. Hip

Stretch out that nagging hip muscle by sitting on the edge of your
chair and pull the left leg up so that the left ankle is on top of the right knee. Lift the chest up, sit up tall, and gently press the left knee toward the floor. You should feel a little bit of tension in the left hip.

If you want to feel more of a stretch, lean forward at the hips and but don’t round the upper back. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds, and then release. Repeat with the opposite leg.

4. Upper back.

While seated on the edge of your chair, interlock your fingers behind your neck. Bring your elbows back and lift your chest. Rotate slowly to the right and then to the left. You might only move slightly, but all the movement should come from the upper back.

Improve your mobility by stretching that hidden hip muscle. (
Improve your mobility by stretching that hidden hip muscle. (

5. Shoulder – T-Y-I


Sit on the edge of your chair with a tall chest and straight back. Start with your arms straight down by your side and your palms facing in. Move your arms out to your sides to about shoulder level, and turn your palms down so that your body and arms make a “T.” Rotate your palms downward and raise the arms so you now make a “Y.” Finally, rotate the palms to face one another and continue to move the arms directly overhead so you make an “I.” Keep your torso rigid and straight throughout the movement.

Perform all of the exercises with slow and controlled movements. Use deep-belly breathing as you move. Do each exercise once, and then repeat for a second or third round.

Most importantly, after each round of exercise, get up and walk about to get some water, or up and down a flight of stairs. Avoid sitting for long periods of time.