Just when you think you're tough enough

Obstacle Race Tough Takes

Spartans earn first Trifecta at Spartan Beast Malaysia

Spartan Beast Malaysia
Spartan Koay Jie Ling (bottom right) teams up with Reebok friends at Spartan Beast Malaysia.

The world’s biggest obstacle race, Spartan Race held the toughest race of their Trifecta series in Putrajaya, Malaysia recently. The Spartan Beast features 30 obstacles along a 20km route around the Taman Alam Rimba, starting from the Nexus International School in Putrajaya which hosted the obstacle race over two days.

The Spartan Trifecta requires aspiring spartans to complete three races over different distances, Sprint over 6km, Super over 15km and the Beast over 20km within a calendar year.

Spartan Virgin claims the beast

The beast inspires an everyday-Jane to challenge it. Spartan virgin, Koay Jie Ling to sign up for the toughest race as her first Spartan race.

“I’ve been wanting to try an obstacle race and previously signed up for Sprint and Super before this but both times, work got in the way. When they opened Beast, my friends asked me again and fortunately, work schedule permits so I decided to just go for it!” said Jie Ling.

Conquering tough obstacles are part and parcel of the race, to test your own mental strength and physical grit. However, team work from friends or total strangers on the obstacle course are an essential element of the race.

“Before the race, I thought walls and monkey bars would be the toughest obstacle, considering that I’m only 5ft and the wall go as high as 8 but I conquered it. *big smile* Turns out Atlas Ball was the worst. The weight packed into one metal ball without any grip and trying to wrap my short arms around them is even harder. It really took teamwork to help each other finish,” she added.

spartan beast Malaysia
Spartans Kenny Kwan (left) and Jie Ling (right) putting mind over matter at Spartan Race.

Multi-sports and cycling enthusiast, Kenny Kwan is akin to Bruce Lee on the spartan obstacle course with his agility and strength.

“I think climbing up the rope is toughest as the ropes were fill with wet mud and was very slippery. I feel like a real spartan after completing all three races for the trifecta. It requires strong mental, tough physique and some strategy to conquer it,” said Kenny.

Cereal Buff completes his trifecta but discovers the toughest obstacle after the race.
Cereal Buff completes his trifecta but discovers the toughest obstacle after the race.

Toughest obstacle discovered after race

Cereal Buff completed the trifecta for the hype, but discovered that the toughest obstacle was discovered after the race.

“Toughest obstacle was post-race laundry, which took more than 1 hour! Jokes aside,  the monkey bars came a close second, with bigger diameter bars and the distance in between was wide making it hard to get a grip and move across.”

Finishing a trifecta inspires spartans to try other races around the globe as well as the different types of races offered by the brand.

“I would definitely want to try out Spartan Race outside South East Asia. I might just do one more for the sake of experiencing the Hurricane Heat.”

Jamy formed a love-hate relationship with Spartan Race in earning her Spartan Trifecta medals. (JamyAJ)

Love-hate with Spartan Race


Jamy AJ also pushed through the toughest of times in a love-hate relationship with Spartan Race.

“For the sake of completing my Spartan trifecta, I went through a love-hate relationship with Spartan, climbing up and down those steep, muddy hills though tired and hungry. I feel relieved now and yes, I would love to try Spartan Races in other countries but would need to train more for it,” said Jamy.

Tan Lian Meng called on team spirit to complete his  Spartan Trifecta.
Tan Lian Meng called on team spirit to complete his Spartan Trifecta.

Team Spirit

Spartans often race in teams much in the chorus of ‘team spirit’. Tan Lian Meng marched up with friends from gym.

“The hills and trail run in between obstacles were very challenging but gives you a sense of accomplishment and real satisfaction completing the trifecta. Having to do it with some gym friends from Revolution Republic and having the same goals of completing added to the camaraderie.”