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Spartan SEA Regional Series kicks off across 5 countries

SPARTANS! Are you ready to conquer the South East Asian Series?

The Official schedule for the first ever South East Asian Series has been released and the first stop is coming up in Singapore on the 24th of March, going right through to Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia too!

How to win?

Accumulate the most points across the 5 events and take home the win. Elite and Age Group are separate categories hence point accumulation and rankings are separate. For more information on the point series, please click here

5 races, 1 champion, who will prevail?

Register now for events:

Singapore Sprint / 24th March 2018 :https://goo.gl/5BAqUe
Thailand Sprint / 19 May 2018 :https://goo.gl/i18nJL
Philippines Sprint / 16th June 2018 :https://goo.gl/xSJAX3
Malaysia Super : #comingsoon
Philippines Beast / 15th Sept 2018 :https://goo.gl/xSJAX3

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