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Spartan Johor Trifecta Weekend 2024 Set to Kick Off in Iskandar Puteri

Spartan Racing aficionados are gearing up for an adrenaline-fueled weekend as the Spartan Johor Trifecta Weekend 2024 descends upon Iskandar Puteri. Set against the backdrop of the Estuari Sports Centre, this event, slated for 27 and 28 April 2024, is poised to be a spectacle of athleticism and camaraderie.

With the crack of dawn marking the opening of registration check-in counters at 5:30 AM, athletes are urged to seize the opportunity promptly. Pro and Age Group Racers hold precedence until 6:45 AM, followed by Open Sprint registration at 9:00 AM, ensuring a fair start for all participants.

Preparation is paramount, with competitors advised to acquaint themselves with the official Spartan Rulebook and verify their results at the results tent prior to the award ceremony. Essential items, including the iconic Spartan headband with bib number, timing chip, and wristband indicating start time, are indispensable for race day success.

The Estuari Sports Centre, nestled within Persiaran Laman Estuari 1, Iskandar Puteri, will serve as the bustling epicenter of the event. Ample parking options and shuttle services ensure seamless logistics, allowing participants to focus solely on the challenge ahead.

Safety takes precedence, with obstacles categorised into mandatory and pass/fail, and strict penalties enforced for non-compliance. Racers are encouraged to uphold integrity, heed course marshals’ directives, and extend support to fellow competitors throughout the course.

Hydration is paramount, with strategically positioned water stations ensuring participants remain energised and hydrated throughout their journey. Lightweight race gear and suitable footwear are recommended, with cotton clothing advised against to minimise discomfort.

Facilities abound, encompassing amenities such as toilets, bag check, medical aid, and food and beverage vendors. Shower facilities provide a welcomed respite post-race, allowing athletes to rejuvenate before partaking in the festivities.

Recognition awaits the cream of the crop, with podium finishers required to don their Spartan Sprint Finisher Shirt or Spartan Pro Team Shirt during the awards ceremony. From pro championship to age group and competitive categories, accolades will be bestowed upon those who showcase exceptional prowess and determination.

As the countdown to the Spartan Johor Trifecta Weekend 2024 commences, anticipation mounts among athletes and spectators alike. With the promise of an unforgettable experience on the horizon, participants are poised to conquer obstacles, push their limits, and embrace the exhilarating challenge that awaits on the Spartan course.

Download the Spartan Johor Trifecta Weekend (South ASEAN Series)’s Race Guide here.