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Spartan Awards: MVP and Rookie of the Year

For guts, gold and glory, these mere mortals have levelled up into Spartans through their passion for Obstacle Racing.

Over the course of a racing season, we see athletes peak and fall. Some power through great stretches, only to meet bitter defeat. These four athletes stood above the competition this year, en route to a fantastic season.

Image from Spartan Magazine
Image from Spartan Magazine

Men’s MVP: Cody Moat

The soft-spoken Cody Moat prefers to let his racing do the talking. While other racers ran more events, it was the quality of Cody’s events and his performance that won him Men’s MVP this year.

This 2012 World Champion battled some of the fiercest competition this season and captured a second straight podium finish at this year’s World Championship in Lake Tahoe.

Women’s MVP: Amelia Boone

There are few faces in the obstacle racing community that are as recognizable as Amelia Boone’s. One of the pioneers of obstacle racing, Boone raced for redemption in 2015.

After breaking her leg just before the 2014 World Championship, she was quickly and unexpectedly sidelined. Boone came roaring back in 2015, winning handily in her return race at the Jersey Beast in April.

This kicked off a streak of nine straight podiums, where she was ultimately dethroned at Lake Tahoe. While her final victories slipped out of her fingers, there is no doubting her dominance this year.

Image from Spartan Magazine
Image from Spartan Magazine

Men’s Rookie: Ryan Kent

Kent opened 2015 with a bang, winning the SoCal Sprint back in January. That set the stage for an impressive rookie campaign on the Pro Team. At the Montana Beast, one of the biggest races of the year, Kent fought through the wilderness to come out on top.

With a rare but dangerous combination of size and speed, Kent will be a force to be reckoned with in the years to come.

Women’s Rookie: Kate Cramer

This year welcomed a stacked female rookie class to the Pro Team. With seven women’s signings, the field was more competitive than ever. Kate Cramer burst onto the scene with an impressive showing at the SoCal Combine.

The former Division 1 soccer star was signed to a contract shortly thereafter. With a string of breathtaking last-minute finishes with fellow rookie Jackie Rust, Cramer showed poise in the spotlight and made it clear she was ruler of the rookie class of 2015.

2015 featured close finishes, jaw-dropping performances, heartbreak, and triumph. All four of these athletes dominated the course and their competition and are truly deserving of their accolades. They will look forward to an even bigger and better 2016.