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Spartan Agoge China : 19-22.10.2017

Have you completed your Spartan Trifecta and wondering what’s next? Do you feel like challenging every strain of muscle in your body and your will power?

Sign up for the Spartan Agoge China from October 19-22nd, one of the most unique mental and physical challenges in history, taking place entirely on the Great Wall of China for an experience of your lifetime.

The entire event takes place on the most visually stunning and gruelling expanse of the wild Great Wall – 600-year-old locations from the Ming Dynasty that few foreigners have the knowledge or expertise to see.

To complete the Spartan Agoge, you must overcome mental and physical obstacles that aim to develop your body, mind and spirit. Most people will need to undertake months of training and self-discovery to earn this coveted achievement. Having completed the Spartan Trifecta definitely sets you on the right path. Embrace the challenge today!

Watch the trailer for Spartan Agoge China 2017 courtesy of Spartan Race.

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