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Spanners thrown in the works at the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games

CrossFit Games 2016
Litter carry for the teams in a variation of Murph. (Twitter)

The CrossFit Games are finally upon us, and Games Director, Dave Castro has thrown the spanner in the works for all teams and individuals alike.

Murph for teams

Announcing via Facebook Live just minutes ago, teams will go through variations of an all-time favourite of CrossFit athletes around the world, the Murph. Teams will be wearing Body Armour with 5.11 Tac-Tec plate carriers. In the run, they will be doing the ‘litter carry’ where they will be carrying one teammate along the distance and switching teammates along the way.

Of course, the squats are no ordinary squats as they will be doing worm squats after the 100 pull ups. And.. teams are going to swim in pairs.

CrossFit Games 2016
Body armour weighted with plates for the teams in the variation of Murph. (Instagram)

The Women’s Individual competitors are being fitted with @511tactical Tac-Tec plate carriers. And 5.11 Stryke pants. Everyone knows the plate carrier will be worn for this year’s version of Murph, but the role of the military-style cargo pants is an unknown.

@teamcarleen (pictured) is looking forward to the event. “I like it. Murph was my best finish last year.”

CrossFit Games 2016
Introducing ‘The Snail’ in a new event for the individuals. Click to watch the video. (Image from video)

Individuals will also be treated to a new event involving two rope climbs, using the plough and ‘The Snail’ which looks like a heavy bale of hay, with no momentum gain. Dave announced one last surprise before the end, requiring individual athletes to report at the lobby at 3am for a surprise tomorrow. Let’s wait and see! Rise and shine early, y’all!

Source: CrossFit Games via Facebook Live