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Snatch, Clean and Jerk and workout in CrossFit Liftoff starting 05.11.2015

CrossFit Liftoff

Snatch. Clean and jerk. Workout.

Two max-effort lifts and a test of GPP make up the 2015 CrossFit Liftoff, powered by Rogue.

There are three divisions, Open (all ages), Masters (40+), and Teenage (14-17), and eight weight classes:

Men – 135/150/165/180/195/210/225/226+
Women – 110/120/130/140/150/160/170/171+

For the weight classes, weights are in pounds and express the upper limit.

Just like in the CrossFit Games Open, athletes can perform the events at participating CrossFit affiliates in front of a judge, or video record their performances and upload them to YouTube and submit a link with their score.

CrossFit Liftoff

Escalating Prizes

There are many ways to excel, and win prizes, in the Liftoff. Athletes will be ranked by their overall total (snatch + clean and jerk + workout reps), weightlifting total (snatch + clean and jerk), pound-for-pound score (weightlifting total / bodyweight), overall total within their weight class, snatch weight, clean and jerk weight, and workout reps.

Snatch the most weight, and you’ll win $3,000. Same goes for the clean and jerk. Set a top 3 weightlifting total or pound-for-pound score, and you’ll win up to $3,000.

Build a top 5 overall total, and you’ll win up to $3,000 plus a Rogue equipment package that includes a Rogue bearing bar, full set of competition plates, metal change plates, Oso collars, and engraved weight belt. And more…

The Liftoff will begin at 5 p.m. PT on Thursday, November 5, with the release of the CrossFit workout. Athletes will have until 5 p.m. PT on Monday, November 9, to submit their scores on the three events.

For more info, visit CrossFit Liftoff’s website here.