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Smeg has released a “gold” fridge

Company Smeg introduced the “golden” refrigerator Smeg FAB28RDG. Smeg fridge in the golden version received “golden” handle and Smeg logo, decorated with crystals Swarovski Diamonds. According to the manufacturer, the Diamonds applied by hand, one by one with meticulous craftsmanship that enhances the beauty and uniqueness of the refrigerator.



FAB28RDG-Smeg-Fridge[1]Smeg FAB28RDG meets energy efficiency class A + +. Smeg fridge 60 cm wide and 151 cm tall has a capacity of 222 liters and includes a freezer of 26 liters. In the internal structure of the refrigerator can note 3 safety glass shelves that can be set at different levels, a fixed shelf above the plastic box for fruits and vegetables and a chrome rack for bottles.
“Golden” refrigerator completes the range of retro-style refrigerators Smeg 50s, previously available in colors such as white, cream, yellow, pastel green, pastel blue, pink, blue, red, orange, lime green, black, silver, chocolate, black, denim , stripes, flowers of English and Italian flags.
Golden FAB28RDG – is more than just a fridge or appliances in the kitchen, it is a symbol of elegance that shines from the heart of your home.
Source: Smeg