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Sheckler Brothers: Biggest Sibling Rivalry on Skateboards


In San Clemente, California, the Sheckler family have established themselves as skateboarding heavy weights and cemented their places in a town’s already strong skate history.

Ryan Sheckler was famous nearly out of the womb, and it’s like we’ve grown up with him as he went from a ripping California grom to an international skate superstar. Along the way, his little brothers made names for theirselves as well, proving that the family skate gene pool runs deep, real deep.

Watch their video linked on this image:


The Sheckler name, whether attached to the eldest Ryan, the middle bro Shane, or the young gun Kane, is a big one in skateboarding, and the sibling rivalry between these three is a big part of that. All three still call San Clemente home, and following them around when they’re all in town turns out to be the best way to witness the skill attached to the Sheckler surname.

What’s above is the second episode in our series on skateboarding brothers, where we showcase what a sibling rivalry looks like on four wheels. We checked in with the Midlers last week in New York, and will round it out with a new episode next week to wrap up this look at brothers on boards.