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Sharpen Your Mind and Strengthen Your Body with 3 Strong Men

When the world and your mind has quietened down during this lockdown, use the time to learn some knowledge to improve yourself physically and mentally.

We scoured the fitness community to list some interesting events and workout to keep your mind and body in shape. You can always replay the video on the respective Facebook pages and groups too if you miss the live session.

Facebook Live Chat: Honza Tomanek and RC Coaching

  • Live on 24th April (Friday) at 9:00pm, tune in to RC Coaching’s Facebook
  • He might have lost his legs from an accident, but he didn’t lose his determination to pursue the 3-discipline sport called triathlon and developed himself to be a world champion.
  • Absorb his aura and get inspired. Honza will also be answering questions from viewers during the chat, so fire away!

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Strengthen Your Body with Awan Run

  • Live daily at 6pm on running coach, Awan Run’s Instagram
    • Thursday, 23rd Apr – Resistance Band workout
    • Friday, 24th Apr – Leg Circuit
    • Saturday, 25th Apr – Core Workout
    • Sunday, 26th Apr – Mobility Exercise
  • The resistance band is easy to buy online if you don’t have any other things to use at home, or if you want something different for your workout. It’s tougher than it looks!

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How to Improve Mental Strength for Endurance Athlete with Apple Physio + Rehab

  • Live on 25th April (Saturday) at 9:00pm, tune in to Apply Physio + Rehab’s Facebook page.
  • Your mind is the strongest muscle in your body. Learn how to enhance this and use it to your advantage in your next race.
  • Dr Eugene is an IRONMAN triathlon finisher himself and will talk about : “What are some of the main psychological limiters during an endurance race and how mindfulness skill can improve endurance sports performance”.