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Seattle CrossFit box sends equipment to instructor deployed to Iraq

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A Seattle CrossFit box raised money to buy workout equipment for a military base in Iraq.

People started pitching in when they learned one of their instructors, who just deployed to the combat zone as a Chinook helicopter pilot, can’t do the workout routines that keep him in shape.

Chris Garceau, the co-owner of South Seattle CrossFit, deployed to Iraq about a month ago and discovered the base he’s stationed at doesn’t have all that much gym equipment, certainly not the right gear for a proper CrossFit routine.

“It’s almost a skeleton crew there, so they really don’t have much equipment. They’ve been doing just a lot of body weight stuff,” said Ryan Sheaffer, co-owner of South SeattleCrossFit, and Garceau’s brother-in-law.

So Garceau’s clients, co-workers, friends and family back in the U.S. pitched in enough money to order a set of weights and other CrossFit equipment, which they’re planning to ship to Garceau’s base.

Garceau’s clients and co-workers are also sending him weekly care packages.

“We just felt like Chris has given so much, not only to our country, but to the community here at South Seattle CrossFit, and we wanted to do something to give back to Chris,” said Sheaffer.

They’re hoping the Crossfit equipment will provide a break from the stresses of combat, not only for Garceau, but for others in his unit.

“I actually think he’s probably writing some of the workout for the other guys there,” said Bonnie Lathram, Garceau’s sister-in-law.

The donors are arranging shipping through the company that sells the equipment, Rogue Fitness. They say that company has experience shipping fitness gear to combat zones and they hope to have it delivered in time for Garceau’s birthday a few weeks from now.