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Seah Zhang Yu and Boo Chai Yee wins Under Armour’s Test of Will 2018 – Malaysian Championships

Boo Chai Yee (left) tops the ladies in Under Armour’s Test of Will 2018 – Malaysian Championship.

The Malaysian Championships for Under Armour’s Test of Will 2018 concluded recently with Seah Zhang Yu and Boo Chai Yee crowned as the Best Male and Best Female contender. Both of them walked away with a total of MYR3,888 cash each at Sunway Pyramid, Petaling Jaya.

Organised by the U.S. high performance sportswear label, this year’s Test of Will challenge included different age categories to level the playing field (18-34 years, 35-44 years, and 45+ years). Under Armour extended the opportunities for more young fitness enthusiasts to put their will to the test by setting the minimum age of participants at age 18.

Seah Zhang Yu wins the Men’s Category for Under Armour’s Test of Will 2018 – Malaysian Championship.
Fr L-R: 2017 Test of Will Malaysian winner Jonathan Wong and Under Armour Ambassadors – Kit Mah, Linora Low, Hansen Lee and Peter Davis

Participants had to compete with each other in a 4-minute drill inclusive of 4 challenges – Over Under, Deadball Squats, Kettlebell Farmer’s Walk and Bear Crawl. Each challenge lasting 60 seconds was designed to test their strength, endurance and power.

Under Armour Brand Ambassadors Peter Davis, Hansen Lee, Kit Mah and Linora Low tested their will in the ‘Star Challenge’. Height seemed to be a disadvantage for Peter and Hansen in the Over Under, as they kept knocking the bars down and had to quickly come up with the best strategy to limbo under the bar. However, it turned to an advantage when it came to the Bear Crawl of 3 meters.

Malaysia’s National Swimming Team
Top Left: Wong Jun Bin, Caroline Chan, Nicholas Soon, Chan Jie, Richard Lee​.
Bottom Left: Tia’a Faang Der, Keith Lim, Yeap Zheng Yang

ToughAsia sent our own representative in Richard Lee to challenge the 4 workouts, alongside the Malaysian National Swimmers whom have just returned from the Commonwealth Games. Each of them pitted themselves against their own strengths and weaknesses, some having more explosive power, others having more strength.

The competition continues to unfold all over South East Asia across Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Brunei and Indonesia throughout April and May.

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For more results or to register, follow Test of Will’s website.