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Sanctband Resistive bands now available at PFC Studio

PFC Studio is now the official distributor of Sanctband products.


PFC Studio proudly announces itself as the exclusive distributor of Sanctband Active Malaysia products. Since 2002, Sanctband Active Malaysia has been providing high quality latex-resistive bands and tubings for both resistance training as well as post-rehabilitation.

“We believe PFC Studio has the skills and calibre to bring Sanctband Active further as they focus on fitness education, personal training, sports performance, and post rehabilitation”, said Darren Wee, head of marketing for Sanctband Active.

Postural problems are very common from sitting, using the computer and mobile phones which have forced our bodies to adapt. This prevents our bodies from performing optimally thus increasing injuries in sports or training.

Resistive bands are a versatile tool for any individual from all walks of life. Whether you are trying to build strength or muscle, or rehabilitate an injury, resistive bands use is practical with all. Additionally, resistive bands are convenient in the sense you can use it practically anywhere; no gym, no problem!

You can be sure to get a good workout with the wide range of different resistive band elasticity. Therefore, it is important to pick the best quality of resistive bands out there.

Among the reasons why Sanctband Active Malaysia products stand out among other resistive bands is that Sanctband Active Malaysia products are specifically designed to tackle the issues of dissatisfaction of conventional powdery resistive bands – powder is used to prevent latex stickiness- and latex allergy.

By creating latex resistive bands that are low in powder and protein content, Sanctband Active Malaysia products have successfully improved concern and put latex allergy fears to rest.

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About PFC

PFC is a personal training and fitness education company that seeks to not only improve the quality of life for clients but also equip aspiring fitness trainers with tested and proven cutting edge training principles and methodologies. PFC Studio’s expertise lies within 4 areas; personal training, fitness education, post-rehabilitation, and sports performance.