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Run together and uplift the world in ASICS World Ekiden Relay Race

Runners like to run together and race together. It’s only befitting that ASICS is inviting you and your friends to uplift the world by completing the ASICS World Ekiden 2021.

Inspired by Japanese heritage and running culture, the ASICS World Ekiden 2021 is the ultimate virtual relay founded on teamwork. The race is spilt into six legs of varying distances three of 5km, two of 10km and one of a 7.2km. The team of up to six runners will pass a digital tasuki – a narrow band of fabric associated with traditional Ekidens – between them as they run a combined virtual marathon in the fastest possible time.

Ekiden is a Japanese relay race that’s all about teamwork and friendly rivalry—resulting in a shared feeling of harmony and uplift. Each team has its own sash, also known as a tasuki, which is worn by the runner and then handed off to the teammate running the next leg of the race as fast as possible.

While each leg is run separately, teams compete as one.

How To Take Part Now?


• Find your team of up to six runners and nominate a team captain to sign- up for free via the ASICS Runkeeper app or the OneASICS membership program.


• Working together is key to the Ekiden relay. The ASICS Runkeeper app will help you collaborate with your team on challenges and training plans.


• Log your leg of the race in the ASICS Runkeeper app between 10-22 November, 2021. Work hard and run fast as you pass the virtual tasuki from one teammate to the next.


• Share your team results with friends and family on social media using #ASICSWorldEkiden