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Running Sunway City with Adidas Women

Adidas Runners KL initiated a Women’s Run every 3rd Saturday of the month in 2019.

I love that Adidas Runners KL (ARKL) created a Women’s Run in 2019 to emphasize women’s participation in running. From beginners to enthusiasts, everyone is included and special efforts are made to make sure that no one gets left behind

Every third Saturday of the month, every woman, lady or girl are invited to join the Adidas Women’s Run based in Sunway Pyramid, Selangor.

This time round, the run was led by Adidas Pacers – Elyne Chin, Efa Ibrahim and Afiqah Aziz, as we ran around Sunway City in a 3.5km loop mainly along pedestrian paths. The ‘Sunway Police Patrol’ escorted us along the route, manning traffic at critical junctions and making sure everyone was safe.

Adidas Pacers – Afiqah Aziz, Elyne Chin, Efa Ibrahim in yellow.
Fasting during the month of Ramadan shows the ladies’ inner strength.

Despite the fasting month of Ramadan, the run was held in the morning and a number of muslim ladies turned up to show their inner strength. The focus of the run was on mileage and not on speed, as the pacers led at a comfortable pace throughout the route.

Having only recently comeback to running and restarting my fitness journey, I was apprehensive about joining big running groups as I would be slow and left behind.

However, this Adidas Women’s Run has made me feel secure and very welcomed, and is definitely the highlight of my month!

Adidas pacer, Elyne Chin (left) and writer Jyn.
Adidas men pacers chaperoned us women on the run to show they care.

Having the men Adidas pacers chaperone us along this run, doesn’t show that women are weak. Instead, it shows how much they care for us, thank you guys!

Adidas’ male pacers – Asyraf Spark, Nathaniel Keshan and Arthur Liew ran alongside, manning traffic at times and played ‘sweeper’ to make sure no one got left behind.

Adidas pacer Elyne Chin said, “Running in a pack not only gives women the feeling being secure and safe, yet it’s encouraging to go further together and get stronger day-by-day.”

Elyne can be seen in most weekly races in and around KL, or running LSDs (Long Slow Distances) with friends over the weekends too.

Join ARKL next on their monthly sessions for free through the Runtastic smartphone application. For more info, join the Adidas Runners KL Facebook group here.

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