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Runners Unite to Surpass Global Running Day Pledge with ToughASIA

As the world separated us due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the world of runners have now started to come together again in attaining athletic goals.

On Global Running Day, ToughASIA initially pledged to run 50 miles (80km) but a total of 67 runners signed up to run 325 miles (520km) instead!

Thank you for your massive support and turnout to surpass our humble goal! We blazed through Malaysia to catch up with some runners who set the tarmac on fire for ToughASIA.

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June Tan stopped to smell the roses while running in Penang on Global Running Day.

In the Pearl of the Orient, June Tan stopped to smell the roses and took scenic photos of Batu Feringghi on Penang island to appreciate the little things she had taken for granted on her 9km run.

‘I really took my time as I’ve missed the outdoors, the fresh air and running.’ said June.

Meanwhile, age has never been a barrier but an inspiration to carry the torch and keep the flame burning for Lee Soo Ann. A recreational runner for many years now, she ran 9 km from Tanjung Tokong to Gurney Drive and onwards to Wawasan University in Penang before looping back again to complete her pledge.

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Lee Soo Ann has been running for many years recreationally.
Victoria Ang ran in the carpark to complete her pledge on a rainy day!

Despite the rain in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Victoria Ang took to running in the car park of her condominium to fulfill her 5km pledge towards Global Running Day! A promise is a promise, she said.

Funnily, Syed Shazli who founded the Kelana Jaya Run Club (KJRunclub) in Selangor pledged to run 10 miles (16km) when he had meant to run 10km. Nonetheless, he persevered to complete his pledge alongside some of his club members on a night run.

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Syed Shazli roped in his friends from Kelana Jaya Run Club to pledge towards Global Running Day.
Gan Heng Chye enjoyed the cool temperatures and idyllic while running in Janda Baik.

In the mountainous areas of Janda Baik in Pahang, Gan Heng Chye stared through the eyes of monkeys, buffaloes and cows on his 12km run. Through the rolling hills, the cool weather spurred him on to complete his pledge.

“The cows, they look you in your eyes when you pass but I’m really not sure if they are going to charge at me or not. ” said Heng Chye.

Azlina Ahmad Zabidi has restarted her running journey after the halt caused by the pandemic.

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Further down south, Azlina Ahmad Zabidi from Seremban restarted her running journey with some friends on a 5.5km run after the quarantine shelved her plans.

“Actually, 2020 was supposed to be my year to explore and  experience running, trail run, hiking.”

As we resume our running journey, give yourself sometime to ease back into it before you start hitting your goals and personal bests again.