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Runners run riot and flip tables at Shah Alam Car Free Day

Things got really rowdy at the Shah Alam Car Free Day which had organised a run, a lucky draw and gave away free t0shirts. Good intentions, but bad organisation (which started at registration) lead to very ugly outcomes.

Below is a statement by run organiser Jom Run issued on their Facebook page.

Hi fellow runners,

First of all, we would like to thank all the participants that joined the January Shah Alam Car Free Day this morning. We have received a lot of questions in regard to the distribution of medals. Some of the participants who got the “ring”(colourful hair band) didn’t get to receive their medals after the event due to an unfortunate incident.

Some of the runners who completed the route early think they deserve to get the medal even though they do not have the “ring”. We refused to compromise as the medal should only be given to participants with the “ring”. One woman participant entered our tent, grabbed a pack of medals and threw it out to the participants who were outside the tent.

Then, everyone in front of our booth flipped our tables and invaded to our tent to snatch the medals. Due to the chaotic and violent situation, I have instructed all of our crew members to leave the tent for safety purposes. Therefore, some of the participants (participants who finished the route after the incident) with the “ring” did not get their medal.

We hereby apologize on behalf of the unacceptable behaviour of a small portion of the participants. We will discuss with the organizer(MBSA) to see what we could do and what we could improve in Shah Alam Car Free Day.

JomRun has decided to volunteer and sponsor MBSA’s CFD because we see it as a meaningful event not only to residents in Shah Alam, but also people who are staying outside Shah Alam. We will continue to support MBSA in their community building events and help them to build a healthier and more active community.

Yi Hern, JomRun

Source: https://www.facebook.com/JomRun.official/