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Run, snap and eat your run-vacation at the Macau International Marathon

Macau International Marathon with Team Reebok Malaysia and friends.

Run-cation (run-vacation) seems to be the buzz word lately, and there’s something satisfying about going for a running event on your holiday. We were invited to the Macau International Marathon courtesy of Reebok Malaysia and Macao Tourism Malaysia so we took the opportunity to run, snap and eat!

With the Christmas season looming in the city overflowing with opulence and splendour, we also wrangled the new Casio Exilim FR200 to take fantastic selfie and wefie photos that didn’t disappoint. The super wide angle covered everyone amidst the beautiful scenery and dome view was fun to use in multiple angles.

As soon as we touched down in Grandview hotel, just five minutes walk from the Macau Olympic Stadium which hosted the marathon, we collected our race kits and continued to explore the city across the peninsula and the island.

Team Reebok Malaysia all ready with our race kits.
A unique view of Macau with domeview on the Casio Exilim FR200.

Exploring the old town took us along Macau’s historical streets filled with history, but first passing through famous local gourmet delights namely Portugese Egg Tarts and Pork Chop Buns. Fantastically tempting aromas wafted through the air, begging to fill our bellies. You could just pass through the streets just sampling bite size pieces before deciding on which ones to buy.

You’d know when you’ve arrived at the biggest attraction in Macau. Every step of the stairway leading up to St Paul’s ruins were filled with selfie-taking tourists and we joined in the fun too with our own version of the Mannequin challenge.

As the sun set along the horizon, myriads of Christmas lights decorated the city beautifully, strung across the shopping district as shopper stopped to admire the rotating neon-lit Santa Claus and his reindeers. We even spotted roasted chestnuts but fearing we’d gobble down more calories than we would burn at the run tomorrow, we saved more must-have infamous gastronomical delights as a reward after the run.

Neon-lit Santa Claus and his reindeers rotating around Macau’s shopping district.
Myriad of Christmas lights spreading the festive cheer around Macau.
Team Reebok Malaysia jetsetting on the Macau International Marathon.
Edan Syah made Malaysia proud with a top 10 finish in the 21km, half marathon at the Macau International Marathon.

Come Race Day, the Reebok ambassadors led the challenge at the Macau International Marathon with One-Armed Runner, CK Loh running the full marathon – 42km while Daily Muscle’s Power Couple Kimbeley and Noel plus MovePlay’s Farina and Herny running the half marathon, 21km and the rest of us sauntered our way in the mini marathon, 5km fun run.

We were also excited to meet Edan Syah, Malaysia’s fastest marathoner currently who eventually finished in the top ten of the half marathon. Hopefully we’ll be able to watch him in action and win some accolades at the SEA Games in KL next year.

Along the 5km fun run, there were multiple dance performances to spark up the early morning with some inspiring beats pumping through the air. Dancing the morning away puts a smile on your face and it’s a fantastic way to spend your vacation with some friends. Some runners were gunning for their personal best times, but it’s entirely acceptable if you just wandered along, enjoying Macau in the early morning light as the cool morning breeze blows.

Look who we spotted! Super Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach at the Macau International Marathon.

OOTD, Outfit of the Day with Reebok at the Macau International Marathon.

Some other runners enhanced the holiday spirit like some Japanese runners dressed up as Japan’s popular video game characters Super Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach and some Chinese Emperors. This really embodies the Macau International Marathon as the perfect run-vacation you should fit into your annual holiday plans.

The Macau Tower stands tall at 338meters tall, 63 storeys high and houses the AJ Hackett Macau Tower Bungy Jump if you’re interested in making this Guinness World Record jump. We were invited for a sumptuous buffet dinner while watching others take the jump and try tricks on the Skywalk. Taking photos of the Macau night lights plus the glass bottom was made easy with the Exilim FR200.

Capturing the night skyline of Macau and the glass bottom atop Macau Tower.
Beautiful lights of the Macau skyline from the ferry terminal.

We couldn’t resist taking the ferry over to Hong Kong, extending our holiday to enjoy the infamous Dim Sum, typical Cantonese delights like Roast Goose and supremely fresh seafood at Sai Kung. The egg tarts here have a flaky pastry base and were melt-in-your-mouth soft, custardly goodness, so divine you just gotta have it!

Hong Kong’s trams are known as the ‘Ding Ding Cheh’ in Cantonese as they ring their bells ‘ding ding’ when they pass through the streets. No visit to Hong Kong is complete without a ride on the trams, so we went for a joy ride and found ourselves in new trams furbished with air-conditioning. How strange that it was extremely cold, even colder than the temperatures outside although it’s suppose to be winter. We didn’t have much time to explore the usual touristy streets of Hong Kong which calls for another visit on another occasion.

Riding Hong Kong’s infamous tram – the ‘ding ding cheh’.

After all this exploring and eating, perhaps next year we’ll run in the 21km Macau International Marathon to make more space for gastronomical delights on our race-vacation. Sign me up, please!

p/s We love the self-portrait style Casio Exilim FR200 and also separating it on a monopod for the best wide angle view.

For more info on the Casio Exilim FR200, read here.

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