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Run Fast and Run Far With Setia Road Runners

Setia Road Runners organise weekly runs around the neighbourhood of Setia Alam in Selangor.

Let’s face it. When this Movement Control Order (MCO) is lifted, we do not know if our activity routine may go back to normal immediately. There may be restrictions, perhaps, in the spirit of social distancing.

There may be a possibility that things will just not go back to what it was, but we need to keep ourselves in good physical health to boost our immune system. So, let’s go back to the basics by exercising, in our own neighbourhood or the next one.


If you happen to stay in or near to Setia Alam, you may just want to check the Setia Road Runners, or SRR. Their story started in 2011 when Chew Lup Yun kept on bumping into Chin Heng for their daily morning runs in the neighbourhood.

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In the midst of one of their runs, an idea was mooted to start a long, slow distance (LSD) run at Setia Alam on Sundays, where traffic is low and runners can run for a relatively long distance. Thus, SRR was born with the intent “to inspire and to embrace every runner to lead a healthy lifestyle community, and to provide much needed motivation to aspiring new runners”.

There are about 60 to 70 active runners in the 9 year-old club. They run on Sundays and public holidays. Sunday runs can be in the 10km or 20km or 23km range, and wil start around Petron or 7-Eleven area at Urban Park. On every third Sunday of the month, they will do an 11km hill training loop at undulating Dragon Back hill.

Like all good runs clubs do, Setia Road Runners usually go for races together. They motivate one another, and cherish those memorable moments. There are also many podium finishers at SRR, and a sub-4 and sub-4:30 full marathon timing seems to quite common for their runners. Besides racing, they also support another running club that is closest to them geographically – Klang’s Kpac Running Club.

Founders Chew (left) and Chin Heng (right) kept bumping into each other on morning runs in the neighbourhood.

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For Chew Lup Yun, now 65, he recalls how he was not too keen on sports when he was young but only developed a passion for running when he was in his thirties. Then, he was crazily running day in, day out. He is less competitive now, but still feels proud to finish the distances he set his mind on, and achieved them. It is always about the countless positive lessons learnt along the amazing running journey of running.

Setia Road Runners update their upcoming runs on their Facebook group page on Thursday mornings. Do check their runs after the restriction period. All are welcomed to join!