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Rudy Project in Malaysia & Brunei unveils Fotonyk and Racemaster

Last year was an eventful year for Rudy Project despite the GST effect. With the recent economic uncertainties together with the weakening of the Ringgit against the global major currencies, many retailers around the country are actively increasing the prices to maintain their margins. While the sole distributor of Rudy Project in Malaysia & Brunei, YCS Capital Sdn. Bhd. acknowledges the situation, today is one big piece of news for you: YCS Capital is reducing the prices of Rudy Project products to make it more affordable for everyone. YCS Capital Sdn. Bhd. will continue to absorb forex impact to maintain the benefits of its customers and present opportunities to those who wish to own a piece of the much sort after Rudy Project masterpiece.

A range of 5% – 10% price reduction have been applied to most of the products, at which everyone can enjoy starting 1st of January 2017. Special highlight is the all new #Fotonyk model at an all-new affordable price starting at RM679 only.


Performance empowered. Two years of intense research with the world’s top athletes and countless hours of design have culminated in Rudy Project’s latest performance sunglasses: The Fotonyk cutting-edge features, superior comfort, and breathtaking design have been seamlessly merged together into one masterpiece.

The Fotonyk contains a multitude of technologies, but the most distinctive feature is the new “Bumpers’ system. Crafted from a soft and resilient polymer, the bumpers offer enhanced protection to the face during falls or impacts, all while offering a customizable and unique look. Independently mounted on the frame and secured with a smart lock system, the bumpers can be removed to create a half-rim lens with an unobstructed view. Bumpers are integrated with the easy-to-open frame Vent Controller to prevent fogging and ensure perfect ventilation. Air circulation is boosted also thanks to the vent integrated with the central enhancer and through the large vents placed inside the temples, which ensures reduced aerodynamic drag and optimized fog control. Bumpers are available in an array of colors, and are interchangeable for individual style.

­The Fotonyk boasts an ultra-light yet robust design and thanks to the central vent and to the Rudy Project’s award-winning ‘Vent Controller’ system, users can easily manage the internal airflow with a single click up or down of the lens, bringing their comfort experience to a whole new level. Air circulates in and out through large vents inside the temples, which ensures reduced aerodynamic drag and optimized fog control. These frames additionally feature the new Ergonose X, allowing the user to adjust the nosepiece for any face shape.
Always at the peak of optical science, Rudy Project is committed to deliver unsurpassed visual performance. The Fotonyk is available with many lens configurations including ImpactX2, the world’s most advanced photochromic lens technology, engineered to ensure unbeatable eye protection. The Fotonyk is also available with high-tech prescription solutions such as the all-new Optical Dock, capable of high strength corrections in a sturdy removable platform.


The Racemaster is Rudy Project’s latest helmet creation with an aggressive design. Featuring cutting-edge safety tech, such as Hexocrush and MIPS, the Racemaster sets a new bar in helmet protection. It delivers unparalleled comfort and security. It has been chosen by the Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team for the 2017 season. The technologies of this helmet enhance the safety and the performance of pro athletes and weekend warriors.

The Racemaster’s internal structure is enhanced with Rudy Project’s exclusive new Hexocrush structure. It is the most advanced Rudy Project solutions and priginally inspired by conehead technology and extremely lightweight, this revolutionary feature is designed to maximize athletes safety by ensuring unprecedented level of security. The inner liner is molded with two different foam densities. A hexagon shaped structure provides improved shock absorption by dissipating impact forces sideways and radially. Thus, the Hexocrush reduces the g-force pressure on the head in case of falls or impacts. When a shock occurs, the impact forces is directed towards the head pushing the outer layer to compress. Simultaneously, the head presses in the opposite direction compressing the inner layer and the hexagon. In this way, energy is spread within the foam instead of towards the head and, thanks to the hexagons, the g-force pressure on the head is reduced.

The Racemaster is also available with MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System), which is a low friction layer that mimics cerebrospinal fluid, the brains’s own protection system and acts between the head and the helmet to provide added protection during angled impacts.


The innovative Garage System is a case of sunglasses incorporated within the helmet itself. This system consists of two dividers placed in the back of the helmet with a double function: to keep the sunglasses in place and prevent contact between the sunglasses’ temples arms and the user’s head.


The airframe frontal padding is crafted with innovative materials such as Dry Foam and X-Static antibacterial fabric: the former is a special white foam which does not absorb the sweat while the latter favours transpiration. The padding has been designed to minimize the sweating process inside the helmet: the foam does not  absorb the sweat while the fabric easily transpires and dries, avoiding the release of unpleasant smells and ensuring the best level of performance.


An easily customizable fit is ensured with the precision RSR 9 Retention System and Divider Pro side buckles, allowing from complete adjustment that’s earbud friendly. Reflective straps Improve rider visibility, and a uniquely designed helmet tail reduces vortex formation, thus reducing overall drag and neck strain.

Now everyone can #ElevateYourPerformance with Rudy Project. Go to rudyproject.my for more information.