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Register now for The Juggernaut Malaysia Open 2017 Qualifiers

Juggernaut 2017

Get yourself ready for the biggest and baddest CrossFit battle coming your way in 2017. There’s no better time to start than NOW.

Registration for The JUGGERNAUT MALAYSIA OPEN 2017 qualifiers have commenced from 26th August 2016 (0700am) to 10th October 2016 (1200pm).

Organised by Pushmore CrossFit Malaysia, The JUGGERNAUT is a two day event that will challenge an athlete’s strength, speed, power and conditioning. The events will be fast, furious and exciting.

For more information, please refer to The JUGGERNAUT MALAYSIA OPEN 2017 terms and conditions via : http:// goo.gl/nTXzPW. Once you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions, visit www.wodrocket.com and look for the event JUGGERNAUT 2017 Qualifiers.

For more info, follow The Juggernaut on Facebook.