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Recovered From COVID-19, Wan Noorasni Is Thankful She Started Running

With the pandemic looming around us, it helps to keep our body healthy and immunity system at its best. Wan Noorasni “Asnie” Mohd Noor recently contracted COVID-19 can attest to that, and is grateful that she started running.

“Long before I took up running, I was categorised as an overweight person. I had low stamina when carrying out physical movements. I then decided to change my lifestyle and improve on my fitness and endurance,” said Asnie.

The medical laboratory scientist at the National Sport Institute Bukit Jalil, has lost 12kg since she started running, doing bodyweight exercises and consuming healthy food. With a boost in confidence, she also feels more energetic and productive while working.

The 35-year old – born in Kuala Lumpur and raised in Gombak, Selangor – shares her running journey in her efforts to be a better version of herself.

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ToughASIA: How did you get involved in running?

Asnie: In June 2020, my husband motivated me with some gifts. He bought me a pair of running shoes and a Garmin fitness watch. From then on, I started running a bit more seriously.  Also, after giving birth to my third child, I thought running would be a good way to lose weight.

ToughASIA: Where are your favourite running locations?

Asnie: My frequent routes are around Bukit Jalil in Kuala Lumpur, Dataran Putrajaya, and my friendly neighbourhood.

ToughASIA: How often do you run?

Asnie: In a week, I run about 20 to 25km. I complement that with bodyweight training (HIIT), especially on the Freeletics smartphone application.

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Bukit Larut in Taiping holds Asnie’s proudest run

ToughASIA:  What is your proudest moment in running?

Asnie: I beat my personal best in 10km at 1:11 hr. I had also completed my first ever trail running 18km in 3:50 hrs at Bukit Larut, Taiping.

ToughASIA:  Does your job as a frontliner inspire you to keep fit and healthy?

Asnie: Yes. I am working as medical laboratory scientist at National Sports Institute Medicine Centre, which is related to the sport, science and health. My lifestyle has changed for the better to ‘be fit and healthy’.

ToughASIA:  How do you manage between your job, family and running?

Asnie: To squeeze 30 to 60 minutes to exercise or run in each day is not a problem for me. In time, it will become a good habit. Also, my husband gives me moral support and takes care of the children while I am out running.

Health is wealth, and I am impressed with what running has done to my body.

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ToughASIA: You contracted COVID-19 recently. How do you feel now after recovering and does it have an effect on your wellbeing and running?

Asnie: Fortunately, I was already fully vaccinated when I got infected. Therefore, I did not get any serious COVID-19 symptoms, just category 1-2A (sinusitis and insomnia). I recovered well without any long term effects.

In my personal opinion, regular exercise does improve one’s immune system and overall well being.

ToughASIA: Since the pandemic started, have you joined any virtual races?

Asnie: Yup, I have joined more than 10 virtual races including the KL marathon!

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ToughASIA: What keeps you going into 2021 and beyond as a runner? Looking forward to racing?

Asnie: Absolutely! I hope this pandemic will end soon. Running has been a part of my life, habit and has changed me to be a mentally positive person.

ToughASIA: Would you like to share any other perspective regarding your journey as a runner in this pandemic?

Asnie: My cholesterol level is also in check. My slipped disc condition is also better managed now. It is a big improvement for me and I am proud of myself.

I am still on a journey to reduce my body fat percentage, increase my muscle mass and beat my personal best (PB).

A gift of motivation from her husband, led Asnie onto greater things